Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1030: Investigation, a search, Ikaros, and Astrea

Chapter 1030: Investigation, a search, Ikaros, and Astrea

Giant Beast Forest…

Adopting an aerial view will give the Giant Beast Forest a false veneer of tranquility.

At this altitude, nobody can hear beast roars. The trees that pierced the sky also shrouded the birds and insects’ noises from one’s ears. One or two flying-type demonic beasts would fly by but that’s about it, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here.

The peace got disturbed by two objects streaking across the sky.

Two figures flew across the sky like two meteors. Velocity is relative as the two figures are flying at normal speed.

It’s not because they don’t want to go faster, if they flew too fast it might disrupt their black light investigation task.

Their angelic wings carried them through the air and allowed them to dance in the sky. A few feathers of either pink or white color slowly rained down wherever they went.

They changed into light armor they usually donned in preparation for a fight. The armor is also very close to bikini armors so it certainly is nice to look at. The two angels flapped their wings as they scanned the forest by aerial survey. Their eyes were brimming with stats and geological descriptions given to them by their augmented vision.

Their distant eyes and expressionless faces gave them a cold feeling, it made the two angels looked like untouchable beauties who are acting on orders from their master.

This divine feeling lasted only for a few seconds when one of them destroyed the silence.


The angel with pure white wings and light blue armor started groaning like a cute animal. The blonde angel with blue armor made that noise. She has blonde twintails and the source of that noise was her stomach.


The pink-haired angel with ponytails flying by her side stopped to check on her. She returned to her expressionless face but she continued staring at the blonde girl.


Her augmented eyes went away and she started tearing up like a puppy. She sniveled while holding her tummy.

“I am so hungry…”

“You are… hungry…?”

Ikaros’ looked at her with her emerald eyes. She sounded hesitant despite her cool look.

“Do you want to go back and grab something to eat?”

Ikaros asked.

Astrea giggled but she shook her head with a firm resolve.

“I want to, but, Master told us to do this or don’t come home at all.”

“Are you going to be fine?”


Astrea clenched her fists. She steeled herself up.

“If we go back now then Master won’t be angry with us. However, I don’t want to see Master’s disappointed look…”

Ikaros nodded after thinking about her comrade’s words.

“I also don’t want to see Master’s disappointment…”

“Then we let’s continue, Ikaros-senpai!”


Astrea and Ikaros used their enhanced visions again. They resumed scanning the forest.

Wu Yan wanted to investigate the Giant Beast Forest himself but Shokuhou Misaki and Kotori stopped him.

They are investigating the black lights because the sisters are building a base inside the Giant Beast Forest. The black lights are hazardous to the sisters so they must obtain enough clues to know where these black lights come from or how to dispel them, ensuring the sisters’ safety.

Also, they needed to bolster the defense of their base.

After talking with Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi, they decided it was best to fortify the base ahead of schedule.

This will keep the sisters safe while they are constructing the base.

This led to Wu Yan being too busy to investigate.

He is the only barrier spell user other than Yukari…

Wu Yan gave up going solo and he entrusted Ikaros and Astrea to take charge since they are the strongest girls in his harem aside from Yukari and himself.

Flandre is also very powerful, she can hold her own even against the powerful ladies in his entourage.

She possesses the Eye destruction ability and her level is the second-highest, only below Yukari. Wu Yan is sure he will lose in a fight against Flandre, assuming he doesn’t use his Red Jade mode.

Flandre is powerful but her mind is like that of a child. Letting her investigate might not end well, she might not even be able to find the correct path or lead.

This is also another reason why he left the investigation in Ikaros and Astrea’s hands.

Ikaros and Astrea are also angeloids who are not only made for combat, they can also do things like wide-range radar, and wide-spectrum scanning. They are the best women for the job.

Astrea is a bit ditzy so accidents are bound to happen with her on the job. With Ikaros near her, she should be fine…

The two angels didn’t have to fly around like this. They only needed to move after their scans are done. But, the two angels did manage to scan a portion of the impossibly huge Giant Beast Forest in a short span of time.

The two angeloids continued flapping their wings while changing areas. They used opened all their scanning abilities to search the forest. They also avoided the time-consuming task of fighting demonic beasts since they can avoid monsters while scanning.

With more and more areas falling under the angels’ scanned map, the two angels quickly encountered weird monsters…

Dark scales, tentacle claws, and a weird eye with seven irises in it.

What might look alien to other people didn’t appear foreign to the two girls who saw Marcus transforming into a similar monster. They were sure they found their targets.

These monsters are demonic beasts transmogrified by the black lights.

No, not just demonic beasts.

Ikaros and Astrea saw humanoid monsters near this group as well.


Astrea turned around in a hurry.

“What do we do now?!”

Ikaros lifted her head as her hair fluttered. A halo appeared above her head as she gave Astrea the next direction. Her eyes lit up in a cold red color.

“Eliminating targets…”

Not giving Astrea a chance to shine, Ikaros spread her light wings and countless missiles rained down on the monsters in a glorious rain of metallic chemical fire, bombarding the monsters in the process.

Boom boom boom

Explosions echoed in the forest as Ikaros and Astrea detected a cluster of black lights escaping into the distance.

The black lights were flying in the same direction.


Ikaros nodded. The two flew in the same direction as the black lights.

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