Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 330: He Can Save Him

Chapter 330: He Can Save Him

The two bodyguards ran up to Xingfu and caught his head before it could hit the ground. After receiving the message, a emergency medical team rushed in and performed emergency treatment on the young man.

The medical team had all kinds of emergency equipment, and almost all of them were made to fit Xingfu. It was clear that Xingfu had suffered many illnesses throughout his growth.

Peneus and his bodyguards were surrounded while the medical team was trying to save the unconscious Xingfu. Not even Fen Yuzuo was an exception. Dozens of guns and hidden weapons were all pointed at their direction.

Both Peneus and Fen Yuzuo were completely stunned by this. None of them expected something like to happen while watching an in-game battle footage. While they had heard of real life cases like this before, they had never witnessed something like this in their lives and thus didn’t even consider the possibility that it might happen until it did. More accurately, they didn’t think that Xingfu was so weak that he would be susceptible to a “weapon” like this.

Neither Fen Yuzuo nor Peneus knew what Xingfu’s exact gene rank was, but the former guessed that it was E-rank because he believed that Xingfu was too embarrassed to tell him the truth. No one among his peers were below E-rank. Some of them might be E-rank when they were born, but that was because they inherited some genetic disorders from their parents, and they were all treated afterward via gene surgery. What happened today though made him realize that his assumption was wrong.

He’s not even E-rank?

A G-rank human would be dead already, so Xingfu had to be an F-rank human. Even now, Fen Yuzuo could hardly believe that the grandson of the so-called “Queen” of Sector S would be a half-cripple. In his opinion, anyone anyone with F-rank genes was a half-cripple.

Meanwhile, Xingfu’s bodyguards looked like they wanted to kill someone, and the closest thing they had to a target was Fen Yuzuo and Peneus. Both young masters knew that their bodyguards wouldn’t be able to protect them if a fight did break out, not to mention that they were currently aboard Xingfu’s ship. The only outcome that would arise from a conflict was death.

“H-how did it turn out like this? How did it turn out like this?? What’s going on with Xingfu, Fen Yuzuo?” said Peneus with clear panic. Although the bodyguard said earlier that it was the video that caused Xingfu to collapse, he still couldn’t believe that it was true. At least five people in his family had watched the video, and none of them felt anything at all. Of all the times it could’ve harmed someone, why now?

The emergency medical team had erected a barrier to isolate Xingfu from the others. Therefore, they couldn’t see if Xingfu was recovering or not.

“It wasn’t me! The thought of hurting Xingfu had never even crossed my mind! It really wasn’t me!” Peneus cried.

The young master could hardly control his fear. If something did happen to Xingfu, his family would be lucky to escape with their lives. He didn’t think that they were strong enough to survive the wrath of Golden Beginning and a Star Rank Hunter.

Moreover, it was currently the age of chaos, and everyone was seeking out good helpers and cooperating with one another to improve their chances of survival. Lung and Andrea Family, Fen Yuzuo and Lavish, Xingfu and Golden Beginning and that Star Rank Hunter; they were all very powerful helpers. However, someone was trying to fracture that relationship with this act.

Who’s the fucker who’s trying to fuck with us?!

Even if Xingfu survives this crisis, a crack would’ve appeared in their partnership.

Fen Yuzuo completely understood Peneus’ feelings. Hell, everyone was agitated because Xingfu was still danger.

“Someone’s using you to drive a wedge between us and Xingfu.”

Fen Yuzuo hadn’t lowered his voice, so everyone inside the room could hear his reply. It was both a reply to Fen Yuzuo and an explanation to the bodyguards who were itching to turn them into flesh sieves.

“I know that! Why else do you think you’re still alive?!”

The harsh voice belonged to one of the two bodyguards who were waiting inside the room earlier. His name was Du Hong, and he was the bodyguard assigned by the “Queen” herself to protect Xingfu since the very beginning.

Right now, the bodyguard was tormented by regret and self-blame because of his failure to recognize a direct threat to his young mater’s life. Although he had felt that something was off when the footage first began, he didn’t stop it because he thought that it was just how the game was configured at the time. He should’ve known better than to doubt his first instinct.

Fen Yuzuo grabbed Peneus collar to calm him down. Then, he asked a series of questions, “Peneus, I want you to recall who gave you the footage, who participated in the editing, and who are the players in the game. Can you do it?”

Peneus wasn’t an idiot, so did as Fen Yuzuo told, calmed himself down as much as he could and tried to recall anyone who could be a potential suspect.

“Young master Fu’s condition is bad, real bad!”

Du Hong’s heart sank the bad news crackled through his communicator. Knowing this emergency medical team, “real bad” meant that their odds of losing was as high as seventy or eighty percent. The bodyguard desperately needed to vent his emotions—even punching the wall would make him feel a bit better—but he didn’t because he was too close to the barrier, and both him and his colleagues didn’t want to cause even the slightest interruption to the treatment process. It was also one of the reasons why he hadn’t ordered his men to take down Peneus and Fen Yuzuo yet.

A frustrated Du Hong shot the two young masters a baleful look. His killing intent was so biting that Fen Yuzuo actually shivered a bit, and his bodyguards to block in front of Fen Yuzuo to cut off the visual contact. It was at this moment Du Hong received a report from his subordinate saying that Vanguard Eleventh Squadron had requested to speak with him.

“I’m busy!” Du Hong growled.

“B-but their commander, Cillin said that he might be able to save the young master,” the bodyguard stuttered. He then gave a quick rundown on what had happened during the call.

They had actually denied the Eleventh Squad’s communication request when they first received it. However, they soon discovered that one of their external communications device was hacked, and when they tried to shut it down Cillin told them that he might be able to save Xingfu, stopping them in their tracks.

“He said what?” All the wrinkles were popping out of Du Hong’s brow. He didn’t believe Vanguard’s claim, but when the medical team sent him another critical report, he immediately accepted the communication request and gave Cillin permission to board the ship.

On the Eleventh Squad starship.

“They agreed?” Wheeze asked while sweeping the crumbs it dropped into one pile with its wings.

“Mm. I’m heading over now.” Cillin paused for a moment and met Wheeze’s miserable gaze for a moment. Then, he said, “You’ll have to withdraw your wings if you want to join me.”


Wheeze’s wings withdrew into its back immediately.

“Should we continue keeping an eye on the other two ships?” Moon asked.

“Of course. Leave no trace.”

“Got it!”

Cillin had asked Moon to keep an eye to Xingfu since the beginning of the voyage, or he wouldn’t have learned of the young man’s grave situation so quickly. While they didn’t have a direct feed to Xingfu’s theater room, they could see the panic on the crew’s face where the security was thinner. Xingfu was the only one that could’ve caused such panic.

Cillin learned the reason Xingfu fainted from Du Hong himself. Since Cillin knew some hypnosis himself, he figured out that footage was designed to create some sort of hypnotic effect. A very brutal one.

“How was it?” Cillin asked Du Hong after arriving at the theater room.

“It’s bad! If there’s any medical advice that you want to give, give it quickly.”

Cillin shook his head. “I can only decide after I saw his condition myself.”

“Unacceptable!” Du Hong rejected immediately. No one except the medical team was allowed to approach Xingfu while he was being treated, not even him. It was because the medical team was chosen by the “Queen” herself, and they only answered to her. Du Hong had no authority over them. It was also why Xingfu didn’t even bother to resist anymore despite being forced to drink the mild tea he didn’t enjoy at all. They were always keeping an eye of him in case of a medical emergency.

Wheeze was sitting atop Cillin’s shoulder. After giving the room a sweeping glance, it locked its gaze onto the table where some snacks and delicacies were placed. The theater room was an entertainment room, so of course snacks were prepared for the guests to enjoy.

Since Cillin was busy speaking with Du Hong, it jumped to the ground and ran straight for the table.

Xingfu’s bodyguards were paying very close attention to Cillin since the moment he stepped into the room, and Wheeze was no exception. So when the gray cat jumped off the hunter’s shoulder, they immediately split part of their attention to it.

They were incredulous they saw Wheeze jumping onto the table and gobbling up the snacks. jThey found it incredible that any living being could eat anything under this tension.

Du Hong pretended that he didn’t notice what Wheeze was doing and focused on wasting Cillin’s time. However, less than a minute later, after receiving a new report from the medical team that drained all the blood from his face, Cillin circled around Du Hong and walked straight toward the temporary isolation room. The bodyguard didn’t stop the hunter this time.

Du Hong contacted the person in charge behind the barrier, “Let him in, uncle Zhuo. If there’s any chance we can prevent young master Fu from turning into vegetable, we should take it.”

One part of the barrier opened, and both Cillin and Du Hong walked into the isolation room. Wheeze didn’t because there were still snacks to be eaten.

When Cillin saw Xingfu’s condition, he concluded that his medical team was incredibly skilful. The young man would’ve died a long time ago if it wasn’t for their timely treatment, not to mention that they were still keeping him alive even now.

And Xingfu’s condition was definitely very bad. His heartbeat was all over the place—sometimes racing, sometimes slowing—and his EEG was extremely odd.

Xingfu was still stuck in a hypnotic state. In fact, it looked like his consciousness was fully isolated from the outside world. The young man unable to hear the the noise or feel the movement around him. Unfortunately, this also meant that the only person that could break Xingfu free from his hypnotized state, was himself.

It was a very brutal hypnosis alright.

“What is he doing?”

Zhuo Xing was a middle-aged man. He was the leader of the medical team and Xingfu’s attending physician since he was born. He too was sent by the “Queen” to protect the young man.

After Cillin was finished with his inspection, he looked at the fifteen square meters wide temporary isolation room around him and said to Zhuo Xing and Du Hong, “I would like everyone except the two of you to leave this room now.”

There were four medical personnel in the room besides Zhuo Xing, Du Hong and Cillin. They looked at Zhuo Xing and left only after the latter had given them the nod.

Cillin adjusted some of the instruments connecting to Xingfu’s body. Zhuo Xing was about to scold him when he saw the hunter grabbing a small bottle filled with green liquid from his spatial storage, and he forgot everything that he was going to say. His face was covered in shock and disbelief.

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