Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 606 - Unchangeable Mistake

Chapter 606 Unchangeable Mistake

It took him a lot of time to transform this stone puppet. He roughly estimated that two days had passed since he entered the Great Abyss.

“Why don’t I finish the transformation of the remaining three in one go…”

Ding Hao was about to continue, but a sudden change occurred—

There was a wave of energy coming from the surface world outside. Ding Hao’s face changed. Someone was attacking the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and had triggered the defensive formation he had just set. Moreover, the strength of the attacker was absolutely not low; it was actually far above that of Lu Xiongfei and Fang Xiao’an.

“Have the Heaven-Splitting Swordsmanship Sect’s reinforcements arrived? What a reckless sect…”

A cruel smile unconsciously appeared on the corners of Ding Hao’s mouth. His eyes were full of killing intent. He put all the Giant Rock Puppets into his storage space, turned into a stream of light as he soared upward, heading toward the ground.

Outside the Swordsmanship-seeking Mountain Range.


A horrible purple palm print broke through the void and heavily hit the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

That was a magical power of the Martial Emperor realm.

As he pressed his palm down, the airflow within a kilometer became violent. The earth was shaking as if it were going to be directly smashed.

Just as the purple palm print was about to hit the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect in the distance, many strange golden inscriptions appeared in the void. They whistled and meandered like dragons, forming a golden wall of light in an instant to block the purple palm!

The two collided.

Golden purple ripples spread out one after another.

In the end, the giant purple palm collapsed.

However, the golden light wall only flashed a few waves of ripples. It was completely undamaged before it slowly disappeared and became invisible, as though it had never existed.

In the distant sky, there were dozens of figures wearing gorgeous purple leather armors engraved with inscriptions. When they saw this scene, their faces changed slightly.

One of them, a middle-aged man in his forties, with a white and a triangular face, made a sound of surprise. Then he immediately sneered and said, “It’s a little interesting. I didn’t expect that the mountain-protecting formation of a small sect in Snow Province could have such power. I underestimated it. Qingxuan, are you sure that Ding Hao is among them?”

A handsome young man in a purple robe nodded and said, “I made thorough inquiries before coming. Ding Hao is a disciple of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect in Snow Province. Someone in Snow Province saw with his own eyes that Ding Hao had returned to the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. He must be here right now, Martial Uncle. While in the Divine Herb Garden of the Fake God City, Ding Hao obtained countless magic materials and precious medicines. He must have them with him. We have to take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to own them if the super sects from other provinces send people to come!”

“Hehe, for such a small barbarian Sect to have this many treasures… It’s really overestimating itself and inviting disaster. Even if Ding Hao is outstanding and can fight against Martial Emperors, so what?” The triangular-faced man sneered and said, “After all, he alone can’t fight against all of us. Can he resist against the six Martial Emperors of the Purple Spirit Sect?”

Before he finished speaking—

In the distance, several figures rose from the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and instantly moved to the place where the golden light wall had appeared.

The leading man, dressed in snow-white clothes, was elegant and handsome; he was carrying a creepy long sword on his back. It was Guan Feidu. He shouted, “Who is attacking my Mountain-protecting Formation?”

Qingxuan, the young man, took a step forward and shouted arrogantly, “Where is Ding Hao? Ask him to come out and see us!”

“Who are you?” Guan Feidu asked warily.

“You are just a small ant. Do you deserve to know our names?” Qingxuan didn’t take this white-clothed young man seriously at all. He could tell at a glance that this man was only at the grandmaster realm and had a pitifully low strength.

“They’re just a few nonentities. Why talk nonsense?”

The middle-aged man with the triangular face was already impatient. So he suddenly punched out again.

That palm was like a god stretching out its claws in the clouds. It was extremely sharp; it contained the unique pressure of a Martial Emperor realm expert. It attracted the clouds in all directions and made thunder roar. The clouds between heaven and earth suddenly changed as if they were going to destroy everything. It rushed toward the dozen disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect like lightning.

The white-robed young man’s expression changed.

That kind of attack was like the wrath of the gods. It was definitely not something that he could withstand.

“Retreat!” he shouted and immediately retreated with the others.

At the same time, the hidden golden light wall slowly appeared again, with a surging and extremely powerful aura. The inscription chains meandered like a divine dragon. They blocked the purple giant palm and protected the disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

The middle-aged man with a triangular face sneered and struck again with another palm.

The power of this palm was even stronger. The giant purple palm drove the clouds between heaven and earth, and caused the tide of power to surge.

He had to completely destroy the golden light wall with one palm. He couldn’t afford to waste any more time.

But at this moment—

A stream of golden flowing light arrived in an instant.

Inside the golden flame, there seemed to be a figure floating in the air, like an exiled immortal, striking back with a backhand motion.


With the sound of a Qi explosion, two huge purple palm prints were instantly penetrated by the fist force; after being shattered to pieces, they disappeared in the void.

“Who broke into the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect?” The golden light gradually faded away, and a handsome young man with jade-like skin appeared. He looked dignified and his eyes were full of evilness. He had a condescending and noble temperament as he looked coldly at the people of the Purple Spirit Sect.

The young man in white and the other disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect immediately cheered when they saw that person appear.

“He is Ding Hao,” Qingxuan whispered in the ear of the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was slightly surprised. Ding Hao’s strength was a little higher than he had expected, but it was just a little bit higher. He couldn’t turn the tables. He sneered and said, “Are you the lucky Ding Hao? I heard that you got a lot of natural treasures in the Sage Battlefield. Is it true?”

Ding Hao frowned slightly; he had already understood the purpose of those people. He calmly said, “So what?”

“It’s good that you admit it.” The middle-aged man said in a domineering fashion, “I’m Han Donglai, the head of the Purple Spirit Sect in Xinzhou. The so-called natural treasures can only be possessed by the virtuous ones. You’re just a small barbarian sect. How can you be qualified to own the treasures found in the Sage Battlefield? Hand over everything you got, and I’ll let your Swordsmanship-seeking Sect go today, otherwise… hah hah, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Bullsh*t! Shameless!” the white-clothed Guan Feidu said angrily, “My Martial Uncle Ding worked hard to get the magic materials and the precious medicine. You want to have them as soon as you opened your mouth? Who do you think you are?”

The master of the Purple Spirit Sect, Han Donglai, said casually, “The magic materials and the precious herbs are important cultivation resources. They belong to the large sects. Only this way can they cultivate the most powerful warriors for the Human Clan and protect their tribes to multiply. You, a small Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, are barbaric and have yet to develop. You’re a mere group of barbarians. Such precious cultivation resources are completely wasted in your hands. It’s a waste of treasures.”

The purple-robed handsome young man, Qingxuan, said with a smile, “Yes, that’s right. If you know what’s good for you, hand over all the magic herbs. Ding Hao, when you were in the Sage Battlefield, you were like an expert of the younger generation. That was why you were able to dominate that place alone. But today, my sect’s experts and elders are all here. If you continue to resist, you will be courting death!”

Ding Hao’s gaze fell on Qingxuan’s face. He said thoughtfully, “I have some impression of you. I saved your life on the ancient westbound road, while you were being chased by the Demon Clan.”

Qingxuan sneered and said, “Humph, can those small favors buy me over? You’re too naive!”

Ding Hao nodded and said, “It’s indeed a small favor, but it is a favor nevertheless. Since you don’t need it, you’d better return it to me.”

Before he finished speaking—

A golden light flashed.

Everyone’s eyes were blurred. In their sight, they only felt that Ding Hao’s figure had flashed in front of them. After a moment of vagueness, it became clear again in an instant.

However, when they took a closer look, they found that he was already holding a purple figure like holding a dead dog.

It was Qingxuan, who was still standing among the disciples of the Purple Spirit Sect an instant before.

“You… let me go. What are you going to do?” After being stunned for a while, Qingxuan struggled with shock and anger.

He himself didn’t know what had happened either.

Just then, he suddenly felt his throat tighten, and then his vision blurred. He had been snatched away from the crowd by Ding Hao.

At this time, Ding Hao’s white and slender fingers held his body, as if the scythe of Death was hooked on it. The powerful Qi of the seven-apertured Martial King Realm in his body was completely suppressed. He didn’t even have the strength to struggle.

“How dare you! Ding Hao, what are you doing? Let go of Xuan!” Han Donglai and the others were also shocked.

No one had been able to see clearly how Ding Hao had done it.

“Since you think that saving your life is a small favor, then return your life to me. This way, the debt between you and me will be written off!” Ding Hao looked at Qingxuan with calm and indifferent eyes.

Such ungrateful people would repay kindness with ingratitude. None of them would feel guilty even if they were killed thousands of times.

“No, no, no, I was wrong, I was wrong…” Qingxuan’s mind was blank. He was struggling to beg.

He had seen Ding Hao’s ruthlessness in the Sage Battlefield. He had seen countless corpses and seas of blood flowing under Ding Hao’s feet. He knew that Ding Hao was a decisive and ruthless person. At the moment, he was in Ding Hao’s hands. Thinking about that, he suddenly began to regret having provoked this God of Massacre.

“Oh, you’re wrong indeed. It’s a pity that this mistake can’t be changed.” Ding Hao did not look at him and simply turned his wrist.


Qingxuan’s neck was broken off.

All the vitality in his body, including his Divine Soul, was destroyed by the Heaven Fire Qi at this moment.

Ding Hao loosened his grip. He threw away the body in his hand as if he had dumped a pile of rubbish.

“You…” Han Donglai was stunned and suddenly became furious. “You’re courting death. How dare you kill the genius of the Purple Spirit Sect? You’re just an ant. You’re doomed to die. I’ll destroy the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect! Let’s go together and fight with the demon who kills his own people. We don’t need to care about morality. Let’s fight together and chop him to pieces!”

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