Supreme Uprising

Chapter 1259 - The Great Master Of the Dakongfan Sect

Chapter 1259: The Great Master Of the Dakongfan Sect

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Dafan Lord Qingjing did not make a mad dash back to Qingjing Sky. He knew in his heart that his effort to rush back as fast as he could would not be able to stop Qingjing Sky from being destroyed completely.

He had to remain calm when facing such a major situation. He didn’t have to rush back to Qingjing Sky now but to complete what he had set out to accomplish.

He flew over to Guardian King Galos and asked heavily, “Guardian King Galos, what is going on?”

Truth be told, Guardian King Galos resented Dafan Lord Qingjing very much. If it hadn’t been for Dafan Lord Qingjing’s request for assistance, he wouldn’t have been in such a plight!

There were countless supreme treasures in the Dakongfan Sect. Although the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect was not a stingy person, his divine body was a result of painstaking efforts over many years. Having it destroyed would mean that he would not be able to regain the cultivation he used to have and would not improve any more.

However, even if he resented Dafan Lord Qingjing in his heart, he was presently at his weakest. Offending Dafan Lord Qingjing at such a time would make the situation even more unfavorable for him.

“Dafan Lord, I have no idea either.”

Guardian King Galos wasn’t lying. It was true that he had no idea what had happened.

In fact, Guardian King Galos was a little confused.

Dafan Lord Qingjing also felt that Guardian King Galos really wasn’t lying.

After all, there was no reason for Guardian King Galos to lie!

“Is this really the effect of the three Sacred Curse Techniques?” Dafan Lord Qingjing pondered deeply for a moment and mumbled to himself.

Guardian King Galos had completely disregarded the three Sacred Curse Techniques when he had heard about the techniques of Luo Yunyang initially. Now, he understood what ‘once bitten, twice shy’ meant.

“That should be the three Sacred Curse Techniques. How could my body shatter in the void for no reason if it isn’t due to the Sacred Curse Techniques?” Guardian King Galos said heavily. “Dafan Lord, I want to return to the Great Master of Dakongfan Sect, so please forgive me for not being able to help with this matter.”

“Your injury requires you to refine your golden body again in Senior Brother’s Boundless Divine Pool,” Dafan Lord Qingjing said. “Let’s go, I will escort you back.”

Guardian King Galos had never thought that Dafan Lord Qingjing would escort him back. Although Dafan Lord Qingjing had been humiliated completely by some nameless chap, his status was still out in the open.

With him escorting him, Guardian King Galos would not have to worry about being assassinated.

He had never taken the Yuanfu Catalog to heart, but he had to be more anxious now given his injuries.

If those almighties were to strike and slay him, turning his spirit consciousness into a Divine Crucifixion Stake, then even the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect would not be able to save him.

“Galos will certainly remember Dafan Lord’s kindness.” After thanking Dafan Lord Qingjing, Guardian King Galos realized that Dafan Lord Qingjing probably wasn’t escorting him back out of goodwill. Dafan Lord Qingjing’s purpose was to seek the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect’s help to deal with this matter.

Although they were authoritative figures in the Dakongfan Sect, the disparity between Dafan Lord Qingjing and the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect was very huge.

In the past, Guardian King Galos would have scoffed at Dafan Lord Qingjing’s behavior. Now, he was also hoping that Dafan Lord Qingjing could get the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect to deal with the vile being who had destroyed his golden body.

Yuan Sage Wuxiang and Yuan Sage Jinlao found it hard to accept this sudden turn of events. They had never expected that things would turn out like this.

“Have you ever heard of the three Sacred Curse Techniques?” Yuan Sage Wuxiang felt his body turn cold after asking this.

It was reasonable that Yuan Sage Wuxiang would be afraid. Luo Yunyang was an old enemy of his. It was very likely that he would die if Luo Yunyang were to use the three Sacred Curse Techniques on him.

He wasn’t confident enough to say that he could surely withstand these techniques, as even Guardian King Galos couldn’t resist them.

Yuan Sage Jinlao shook his head and said, “I have not heard of them before, but these techniques must require a hefty price from the executor to be this amazing. Otherwise, he would have used the three Sacred Curse Techniques when he fought against Dafan Lord Qingjing.”

Yuan Sage Jinlao wasn’t very certain about his claim, but this still made Yuan Sage Wuxiang feel very relieved upon hearing it.

Considering that the unknown existence had not unleashed the three Sacred Curse Techniques during the battle for the Hong Meng Dragon Tree, he felt that Yuan Sage Jinlao must be right about this.

Yuan Sage Wuxiang was not the only one talking about the three Sacred Curse Techniques. In fact, many top powerhouses in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm were discussing these mysterious techniques.

Although most powerhouses felt that Guardian King Galos wasn’t the strongest powerhouse in the realm, he was already a rare genius among Yuan Sages.

The level of these mysterious techniques had to be alarming for them to be able to destroy the body of such a formidable figure silently. It would be no exaggeration to say that such terrifying techniques left a tingling feeling on the scalps of those who knew about them.

They were all afraid they would be assassinated in the shadows if they encountered the person who had obtained the Hong Meng Dragon Tree.

However, no matter how intelligent these powerhouses were, they could not figure out why the body of Guardian King Galos would collapse directly without experiencing an impact.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang was still outside of Qingjing Sky. Although Dafan Lord Qingjing had not returned, Luo Yunyang knew that Qingjing Sky had been created by Dafan Lord Qingjing using great powers. There might be some array formations that could put him in a dangerous situation if he entered Qingjing Sky.

Hence, Luo Yunyang displayed great caution when dealing with Qingjing Sky.

Apart from being extra cautious, he also used various methods to attack the entrance of Qingjing Sky.

After half an hour’s effort, the paradise of the Dakongfan Sect seemed as if it had gone through a great calamity.

A catastrophe that had almost completely destroyed it!

The sky and earth shattered while the stars fell!

Disciples left behind by Dafan Lord Qingjing desperately sought help from their master, but Dafan Lord Qingjing, who knew that it would be futile even if he were to do anything, ignored his disciples completely.

As a result, it felt as if Qingjing Sky was no longer a space that belonged to him, as it continued to suffer the wrath of Luo Yunyang’s attack.

The situation caught Luo Yunyang’s attention. He had not entered Qingjing Sky, so it was not easy for him to destroy Qingjing Sky completely.

Since Dafan Lord Qingjing had not returned even though the situation had become so dire, things were not that simple. After mulling this over for a moment, Luo Yunyang immediately thought of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect.

Could he escape if the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect were to act?

Luo Yunyang had never come into contact with the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect before, but based on the strength of his disciples, he knew that the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect could kill him in an instant.

There was only one option when facing such a formidable being: hide and run as far away as he could.

While constantly manipulating his Samsara Wheel and other techniques to cause destruction in Qingjing Sky, Luo Yunyang also waited cautiously for the sneak attack that might come from the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect.

Luo Yunyang already found it impossible to give up halfway. If he really couldn’t do it, he was prepared to use the connection between the two bodies to temporarily will this body back to the 36 Great Cosmoses.

However, his worries proved to be superfluous. While he was frantically destroying Qingjing Sky, Dafan Lord Qingjing also arrived outside of the paradise of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect. However, Dafan Lord Qingjing was not invited inside.

“I want to see the Great Master.” In the past, it had been very simple for Dafan Lord Qingjing to meet his Senior Brother. The Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect would even send people out to receive him.

This time, he was stopped by someone.

After seeing how flustered Dafan Lord Qingjing was, the young boy who stopped him got frightened. He was familiar with the ill temper of Dafan Lord Qingjing, who wasn’t a very broad-minded man. He would definitely have a difficult life if he offended Dafan Lord Qingjing.

However, the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect had given him orders. Going against these orders would cause him to face heavier punishment.

“Dafan Lord Qingjing, please understand that it was not my decision to prevent you from seeing the Great Master. The Great Master said that he can’t see you now. Please… do not make things difficult for me.”

Normally, Dafan Lord Qingjing would not stoop down and make things difficult for a junior. However, this situation was very urgent so he glared at the anxious disciple and snapped icily. “What if I intend to make things difficult for you?

The boy was almost tearing up by now. Dafan Lord Qingjing was simply unreasonable! However, the boy could only blame himself for being unlucky.

As he was at a loss, a faint voice spoke. “You reap what you sow. Junior Brother, you better resolve this on your own. Senior Brother still has some things to do.”

The voice contained an unassailable tone as it echoed in the void, producing a massive wave of energy that pushed Dafan Lord Qingjing out forcefully.

Getting expelled was a huge humiliation for Dafan Lord Qingjing. He would not have taken this lying down if the person doing this had not been the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect.

However, the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect had chased him away, so the consequences for challenging his authority had to be unimaginable. After a moment of hesitation, Dafan Lord Qingjing finally turned and walked away.

In a divine palace radiating with golden radiance and majesty, the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect was sitting in a lotus position, staring into the void and watching as Dafan Lord Qingjing walked away.

“Master, why didn’t you help Dafan Lord Qingjing this time?” said an elder standing aside. His cultivation was no less impressive than that of Dafan Lord Qingjing.

“Although I can subdue that unknown person, the Dakongfan Sect will immediately become the butt of public criticism if I do. If that happens, things will get out of hand!” the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect said faintly.

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