Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent

Chapter 575 - "Aladdin Lamp"

Seeing the new situation on the battlefield, ‘Lucifer’ suddenly felt sorry for the little boss. He immediately looked at Chris with pity in his eyes. 

“Look, your family’s sacred beast is trapped! And what’s with the East battlefield? It was so calm before…oh, wait. Maybe your boss is fighting there?” 

From this height, he could see almost the whole battlefield. 

After all, his black bat-like wings helped him to fly high, just like how Chris’ angel wings helped him to be the number one air warrior. 

While Lucifer calmly showed off his wings, Chris almost lost his control over his wings. 

“What? What did you say? Lord Cellino is trapped?!” 


Chris looked down at the battlefield down there to find Cellino, and he didn’t need a long time to find the poor beast trapped inside the array. 

The beast couldn’t even move a single paw, yet those around the beasts started to attack him! 

Chris’ chest tightened. 

“Lord Cellino!” Chris was about to fly to Cellino’s location to help him when Lucifer suddenly blocked his path. 

“Wait, wait, don’t be rash. You think I will let you go there?” Lucifer casually shrugged before pointing at the East gate’s battlefield. 

“Don’t you see your boss fighting there? Are you sure you want to save the sacred beast instead of your boss?” 

When Lucifer said that, Chris subconsciously looked toward the East…and saw Ainsley with green hair was surrounded by many grey-robed people. 

Her troops were also fighting the grey-robed people at a close distance, but they seemed to be no match for the grey-robed people! 

Chris didn’t have to guess who they were, and he could instantly make a guess. 

The shamans! 

They must be shamans. Their abilities are way more unique and powerful compared to Ainsley’s troops, and that pushed her troops to the corner. 

Only Ainsley could be on par with these shamans and even killed them. 

Chris’ face instantly paled. 


He was so busy fighting Lucifer that he didn’t know the battlefield was currently in chaos, and their side was at a disadvantage. 

The sacred beast was trapped, and only a few people from the troops protected the trapped sacred beast. The boss and the boss’ troops were fighting the shamans…

The other troops were busy fighting their own battlefield…

Things were chaotic as hell! 

Chris gritted his teeth and immediately looked at the purple-robed people, the array masters in charge of trapping Cellino. 

He didn’t know why but his instinct told him to save Cellino first than the boss. 

He…had faith in his boss’ strength! 

Thus, Chris didn’t say anything and instantly dashed toward the nearest purple-robed people. 

“I’ll start with you guys!” The man clenched his fists, and light dots gathered in his right hand, forming a holy spear. 


Chris attempted to kill the array masters, but Lucifer knew that he had to stop Chris. Lucifer instantly dashed to Chris’s place and spread his wings, protecting the array masters. 

“You won’t kill them as long as I’m here!” 

The light and the darkness clashed, but a certain little boss was too busy to pay attention to the thing happening at the south battlefield. 

[Lil Lass! A shaman has ‘slow-motion’ ability. This person is restraining our movement!] The Godfather was currently half-floating in the air with small blood wings on his back. 

Some of the enemy’s blood already splashed onto the pink uniform, yet the man simply ignored it. 

[Use charm or use single-target luck manipulation on them! Hurry, Godfather!] 

At Ainsley’s suggestion, the Godfather’s golden eyes flashed, and he looked at the person with the slow-motion ability. 

Without waiting, he puckered his lips and sent a flying heart toward the person. 

“CHU~ Dwie, bastwald!” 

The person got caught off guard and almost slipped! Ah, no, the moment the pink heart touched his chest, he suddenly moved his hands and strangled his own neck. 

“Yes, boss! I’ll die for you! Gladlyyyyy!” The person’s eyes turned into two pink hearts as he suffocated himself to death…

Things happened so fast that even the other shamans and the dead spirits around Ainsley were stunned silly. 

For a moment, the venue was silent, and the enemies didn’t move. 

….what did we just witness? 

Some of the spirits knew the Godfather personally and knew that the one inside the baby’s body was the Godfather. 

Thus, when they saw the baby acting like that…

They almost puked. 


They imagined a bloody fight, cool and brutal war like in the past but did the Godfather just send a flying kiss to kill a shaman? 

The prestigious spirits almost fainted while the shamans didn’t know what to do. 

This…isn’t the war we imagined! 

However, things didn’t end just there. 

Right after the shaman died and the connection between the shaman and the contracted spirit broke, the Godfather suddenly snickered and took out a small exquisite lamp resembling Aladdin’s djinn lamp. 

Before anyone could react, the baby already rubbed the lamp and shouted. 


In that instant, the spirit owning the slow-motion ability suddenly found himself getting sucked into the lamp…

“GYAHHHH! WHAT IS THIS– AH! This is a spirit-trapping lamp! Ahhhh!!” 

The spirit shouted on top of his lungs as his ghostly body entered the lamp without a hitch. 

….he got sealed in a lamp. 

Silence filled the battlefield once more, and this time, both the shamans and the spirits got pale faces. 

The spirits even shuddered and almost peed their pants. 

What– what kind of demon is this guy? After killing the shamans, he’s kidnapping the spirits?! 

Even Ainsley didn’t know that the Godfather got this kind of lamp! 

The baby looked at the screen with blank eyes. 

What kind of perverted lamp is that?? 

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