The 99th Divorce

Chapter 171 - You Are Not Being Fair

Chapter 171: You Are Not Being Fair

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Hearing the cold voice, Su Qianci froze and looked at him.

Li Sicheng was wearing a casual outfit that was loose. However, he still looked incredibly cold with his hands in pockets. Turning his head sideways, his eyes were glittering under the warm light.

Su Qianci’s heartbeat paused as she was mesmerized by the guy. His eyes were like magnets, drawing her in. She couldn’t run away.

Their eyes locked, Su Qianci clearly noticed that Li Sicheng’s eyes had become darker. As she looked away and tried to calm herself down, a rough hand grabbed her arm.

“Mr. Li, do you… need something?” She sounded nervous as hell.

Li Sicheng heard “Mr. Li,” slightly frowned, and tightened his grip around her arm, asking, “Shall we talk?” Although it was a question, he was not even waiting for her to answer. Su Qianci had to sit with him.

The wind blew through her hair, sending a strand next to his nose. Li Sicheng clearly smelled her shampoo. Reaching out a hand, he took the strand of hair into his hand, playing with it casually.

Smooth like silk.

“Why are you scared of me?” Li Sicheng asked.

Su Qianci had no idea that this was the first thing he’d ask.

Scared of him?

Maybe. When she had married him for the first time, she was not scared. Everyone said that Li Sicheng was a cold person, probably unable to fall in love. However, she did not care at all and repeatedly offended him. Although Tang Mengying was playing a significant role in that, Su Qianci knew that it was mostly because of her innocence and ignorance. Later on, Li Sicheng had hated her more and more. Each time he saw her, he had not dignified her with any kindness, not even in public.

Then, when Su Qianci had saved Li Sicheng from the fire and got her own look ruined, he had mistaken her for the mastermind behind the kidnapping and arson. From then on, he had hated her to the guts. Aside from her life and her identity as his wife, he had taken everything away from Su Qianci. And that’s when she had started to feel scared. She had felt scared for three years. For three years, with a scarred face, she did her best to avoid him whenever he was present. She felt insecure, but longed for him at the same time.

At that time, how she had envied Tang Mengying for being able to stand by his side in public and being recognized as a woman. However, she was destined to be a shadow in the dark world, which no one could see or care. In her new lifetime, it had been a habit of hers to be afraid of getting close to him. He was her deepest desire. She wanted him, but did not dare to have him.

She couldn’t afford it…

Su Qianci nodded but then shook her head. With a complex expression, Su Qianci looked up at his perfect face. They were actually talking about their relationship… It’s all felt like a dream.

Seeing Su Qianci nodding and then shaking her head, Li Sicheng asked again, “Am I scary?”

Su Qianci nodded.

Li Sicheng gazed at the ocean and said in a low voice, “You’re not being fair.”

There was blame and frustration hidden in his voice, though hardly discernible.

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