The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 910 - Wei Wei Was Cool

Chapter 910: Wei Wei Was Cool

“Impossible! This formation is set up by the master! There couldn’t be any problem!” Old Cat stood up immediately!

Facing the agitated man, Helian Wei Wei merely walked to the side of the tea tray, “Actually, there should not be any problem to begin with. Unfortunately, the purple jade toad was dug out from the graveyard. It can protect the coffin and the household, but at the same time, it carries an aura of resentment. This aura of resentment can indeed be suppressed by mahogany, but the layout here has ruined it.” Helian Wei Wei stretched her finger and pointed at the direction where the mahogany was facing, “We Chinese believe the most in Feng Shui, which has nothing to do with superstition, but the Qi and luck that is contained within. The formation that you set up was a typical formation to suppress the coffin and bring wealth. However, there is a window here and the window is opposite to the train station, where the northwest wind blows. Many would know that while the train station is filled with Qi of Yang, but because of this airflow, it easily agitates the people in this area. Breeding the aura of resentment here is easy. Then, the aura of resentment will be blown in by the wind. Exposed to this aura for a short time, you’ll be fine. However, after extended exposure, forget about the dark aura on your forehead, you might just drop dead before you even know why. Opening a window means leaving the coffin ajar and any dirty thing could gather here, not to mention Old Cat. Do you still think you are making a little fortune here?”

Old Cat was already shocked by Helian Wei Wei’s professional explanation. After hearing Helian Wei Wei’s last question, he no longer dared to keep anything to himself and revealed everything.

Nowadays, if you ever asked around on the streets about the most profitable business, eight out of 10 would tell you that it was real estate. Of course, the economy soared, commodity prices skyrocketed and house prices rose sharply. After getting a loan from the bank, they would give out IOUs to construction workers and then sell some units to get back their initial investment. As long as the relevant departments were settled, the real estate industry was an easy fraud. Any real estate developer who had dared to bet on this all became filthy rich.

Old Cat, too, was one of them. Unfortunately, during the construction this time, a woman who escaped from Sixth Brother was hit.

Rumor had it that the woman came to find her child. Sixth Brother and his people were already verified as infamous traffickers. They were the ones who locked her daughter away in the warehouse.

The woman called the police and wanted to wait right there for the police. She would never have imagined that what she waited for were not rescuers, but a tragedy.

They said it was an accident, but everyone inside knew that accidents do not happen so easily. Accidents were the greatest taboos in construction sites, so they had done their best in terms of safety.

“This woman’s death is definitely not that simple.” Old Cat said firmly, “Yet, I was the unlucky one. As soon as the news came out, I could not even finish the building. Everyone said that the site was bad luck. Many who were interested at first refused to buy it anymore. The investment has been recovered, but my project was halted. Even if the building is completed later, I can no longer sell it for a good price. I thought it was over, until I started dreaming every day, dreaming about…”

“You dreamt about your family, telling you that it’s cold down there,” Helian Wei Wei guessed his next sentence before he could finish it.

Old Cat was astounded once again, now he was admiring Helian Wei Wei as if she was a deity, “Right, exactly! Boss Wei, how did you know?” He never knew that the Mercenary Queen would know such things. She was an expert of the experts!

“The biggest taboo of building new houses is catching deadly auras, especially on construction sites nowadays. No one knows what happened underneath it in the past. If I guessed correctly, this land was originally a death pit. There was no issue at first, because they didn’t have a chance to come out. Unluckily, someone died here with an unfulfilled wish. It was a mother’s obsession toward her daughter. This obsession then triggered the dead souls. You started a construction there without first paying them any respect. Of course, they would beat someone at their own game and mess with your ancestral grave. Unable to rest in peace, the dead souls will disturb the living in their dreams.” Helian Wei Wei paused for a moment, “Now it seems that the woman’s dead soul must be bound by some tactical formation, otherwise her aura of resentment would have led her to seek for Sixth Brother instead of just affecting the surrounding dead souls, turning them against you. Alright, now that we’re here, tell me about the master you speak of, who is he?”

“This master is extremely amazing. If what you said was true, Boss Wei, then she must be the one who helped Sixth Brother to settle the spirits. She visited Yun City two months ago. Since then, Sixth Brother has been earning a lot more money and rolling in good luck. All the shares he bought have doubled up several times.” Old Cat’s voice was filled with admiration and jealousy, “Not everyone can meet this master. Moreover, she won’t just take in any business for the money. Back then, she was the one who approached Sixth Brother. I heard she wanted to join forces with Sixth Brother to achieve something. I was curious so I went around gathering information. It turns out that the reason she looked for Sixth Brother was entirely because of his trafficking business. Every time they performed a transaction, she would select one of the children for herself. No one knows what she wants to do. Later on, I finally got to meet the master through Sixth Brother’s recommendation. She did not look like a wicked person. Besides, she even has a natural Buddha incense around her. She is rather charismatic. Her skin is pale, and her hair is black and smooth. She looks just like a teacher, and is especially gentle toward the children. However, she treats everyone else coldly as if Sixth Brother and I are merely the most common humans to her.”

“A woman?” Helian Wei Wei’s eyes stared, “Does she have any special features?”

“Special features?” Old Cat gave it a thought, “Oh yes, her attire was slightly different from ours. It looks a bit like a… kasaya, but not exactly one.”

A picture flashed through Helian Wei Wei’s mind upon hearing the descriptions, “Children, woman, kasaya… I think I know who she is.”

“Who is she?” Old Cat was also rather curious. He always thought that this master was pretty mysterious and almost ethereal.

Helian Wei Wei smiled, “Whoever she is, she’s definitely not human.”

Old Cat was speechless.

Helian Wei Wei no longer spoke as she made another call to Monkey, her eyes were sharply focused.






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