The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 429 - I Can’t Do This Anymore (1)

Chapter 429: I Can’t Do This Anymore (1)

An inconceivable look surfaced on Lu Benlai and Xia Shangzhou’s faces simultaneously.

The two of them looked at one another for another good three seconds before speaking up with amazing unison that it almost looked as if they were sharing the same script, “Am I dreaming? This must be a dream, right?”

Lu Benlai shot Xia Shangzhou a disdainful look as he said, “Can you stop talking at the same time with me?”

Xia Shangzhou sneered coldly as he responded, “You’re the one who is copying me! Do you think that I’ll be so bored as to intentionally say the same words as you?”

Lu Benlai shrugged with a seemingly magnanimous attitude and said, “Forget it, I’m in no mood to fight with you now. Right now, I’m more concerned about our boss’ happiness.”

“Hah! What you’re truly concerned about is the number of your goddess, isn’t it so?” Xia Shangzhou unhesitatingly exposed Lu Benlai’s hypocrisy before sighing deeply to himself. “Boss must you feeling horrible at the moment.

“Stop saying words that you don’t mean. I reckon that you’re more concerned about your future and your freedom!” Lu Benlai ripped off the mantle of duplicity that Xia Shangzhou had put on.

Several seconds later, Lu Benlai sighed deeply and added, “But speaking of which, our Little Junior sure is amazing. She actually snubbed our boss! From this day on, Little Junior shall be my idol!”

“There are so many women who have offered their hearts to our boss, but our Little Junior unhesitatingly rejected him. This really reminds me of the song…” As Xia Shangzhou spoke, he began singing once more, “… Those who love me devote their hearts to me, yet I grieve in sorrow over the one that I love…”

Lu Benlai covered his ears as he exclaimed, “Speak properly!”

Xia Shangzhou: “As expected of the goddess that I look up to! She’s like a lone tree that stands proudly aside from the rest of the forest, completely unlike the other shallow women who only looks at faces!”

Lu Benlai: “Hey, what do you mean by ‘other shallow women’? Let me tell you that my future wife isn’t inside that lousy category of yours!”

Xia Shangzhou: “Hehe…”

Lu Benlai: “It’s the truth anyway! If my future wife is really someone who only looks at faces, she would have already given me her phone number the first time we met!”

“Uweh!” Xia Shangzhou clutched his stomach as he feigned a puking action.

It was at that moment that the door of the balcony opened once more and Lin Jiage walked back into the room.

Xia Shangzhou and Lu Benlai immediately put on a prim and proper look as they called out “Boss!” one after another.

However, Lin Jiage looked as if he hadn’t heard them. He nonchalantly walked past them and entered the washroom.

After the door to the washroom closed, Xia Shangzhou struck his chest as he gasped for air desperately and said, “This won’t do. The atmosphere is simply too heavy, I can’t take it!”

Lu Benlai: “We have to think of a way to console our boss, or else I’ll really die of asphyxiation tonight!”

Ten minutes later, Lin Jiage came out from the washroom.

Lu Benlai and Xia Shangzhou traded glances at one another before calling out “Boss!” with an exceptionally bright smile on their faces as they gathered around Lin Jiage’s side.

Lu Benlai: “Boss, you also know that girls tend to be reserved and shy. It’s only normal for your first confession to fall through. She just wants to test your true heart!”

Xia Shangzhou: “That’s right, boss! Do you remember a movie called 101 Proposals? The male lead in that show proposed to the female lead 101 times before he finally succeeded!”

Lu Benlai: “Ohhh! I watched that movie too, and it was really heartwarming. Boss, a single failure means nothing at all. Just look at how many times I have been slapped by my future wife in the face—my face is nearly swollen enough to float into the air—but I’m still pursuing her relentlessly!”

Xia Shangzhou: “Boss, don’t worry. You’ll be able to succeed next time. I believe in you!”

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