The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 430 - I Can’t Do This Anymore (2)

Chapter 430: I Can’t Do This Anymore (2)

After drying his hair, Lin Jiage nonchalantly shot a look at Xia Shangzhou and Lu Benlai and said, “Did I say that I’m going to continue chasing her?”

Ah… This plot doesn’t seem too right?

Lu Benlai and Xia Shangzhou were stunned.

Three seconds later, Lu Benlai spoke up, “N-no, you’re right! Why flatter her by chasing after her? Since she doesn’t agree to date you, so be it!”

Xia Shangzhou: “That’s right! Little Junior sure doesn’t know what’s good for her!”

“Three…” Lin Jiage began counting down, his voice far more intimidating than before. “… Two…”

“Boss, stop counting! I’ll scram, I’ll scram!” Lu Benlai immediately turned tail and fled.

“Boss, I was wrong. I said what that shouldn’t have been said. I’ll punish myself by scrubbing the toilet bowl!” Xia Shangzhou also quickly followed suit.

Lin Jiage watched the duo fleeing frantically away as he stood on the spot for a while. Then, he put down his hairdryer and lay down on his bed.

Lu Benlai and Xia Shangzhou could accept the reticent Lin Jiage, the poisonous-tongued Lin Jiage, and even the enraged Lin Jiage. However, they really couldn’t stand the heartbroken Lin Jiage.

He wouldn’t speak, play games, do his projects, or even eat. He simply lay on his bed with a long face all day long.

If that was just all, Xia Shangzhou and Lu Benlai might still have been able to tolerate it.

However, there was once Xia Shangzhou saw an adorable panda video on his laptop and remarked, “Pandas are such mystical creatures. They could have relied on their own abilities to make a living, but they chose to depend on their face instead. Do you know how gluttonous pandas actually are? It turns out that they can eat for nineteen hours a day, 365 days a year! Is there anyone who can possibly beat them when it comes to eating?”

Xia Shangzhou felt that there was nothing wrong with what he said, but somehow, it seemed like there was a word or two in his remark that had jabbed at Lin Jiage’s nerves. The latter picked up a pillow and threw it into his face, causing him to be scared silent for the rest of the night.

There was also this once where Lu Benlai was browsing through comedic videos, and he happened to stumble upon a cooking show. The background music was truly adorable ‘You said that I’m a little fleshy, and I need to slim it down. But I just can’t have enough each day, so I don’t care anymore. I want to eat meat meat, I must eat meat meat…’

It was a very melodious and uplifting song, and the food in the video was also particularly appetizing. Lu Benlai couldn’t help but play the video once more from the start. But for some inexplicable reason, Lin Jiage, who had been lying on his bed all this while, suddenly sat up and started counting down, “Three, two…”

Needless to say, before Lin Jiage could count down to one, Lu Benlai had already dashed out of the room with his phone.

That was not the weirdest of all. There was one day when Xia Shangzhou came back from work with a bowl of dumplings. He was just about to dig in when Lin Jiage suddenly walked over.

He thought that Lin Jiage wanted to have some too, so he warm-heartedly passed his dumplings over to Lin Jiage, saying, “Boss, have a bite.”

But shockingly, Lin Jiage actually threw the dumping he bought back into the dustbin by the stairway and enforced a new rule for Room 501: Dumplings are not allowed.

As such bizarre incidents began to stack up, the mood inside Room 501 grew lower and lower. Lu Benlai and Xia Shangzhou simply couldn’t take it anymore. They felt like Lin Jiage was really going to make them die of stress very soon.

But just as the room had finally gotten so cold to the point that it felt like a winter night in Siberia, Lin Jiage suddenly packed up his things and headed home.

He left school at three in the afternoon. Just as he was about to reach his home, he received a call.

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