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Chapter 311 - The Sea King’s Intelligence Was Mocked

Chapter 311: The Sea King’s Intelligence Was Mocked

The direct impact from Kuilong’s tail strike caused a huge crack to appear on the Demon Imprisoning Formation. Before the formation could dissipate the force of the attack, the entire formation instantly shattered.

The lords’ expressions immediately turned ashen pale when they witnessed the Demon Imprisoning Formation being destroyed, as they were internally connected to the formation.

The force of the attack was transmitted to their bodies, shaking every cell within them. Some of the weaker ones could not withstand the attack and ended up vomiting fresh blood from their mouth, being wounded internally by the aftershock.

“Fuck, how could the formation break so easily?”

“Quick! Save the Sea King!”

“Kill them all!”

Apart from the players on the southern corner, the remaining players were absolutely baffled, wondering how such a strong formation would suddenly break into pieces.

However, the current priority was the Sea King’s life, thus they had no time to spare. One by one, the players made a mad rush for Kankun Island and charged inward, killing the enemies along the way.

When he saw the players begin to swarm around him, Langya started to fear for his safety. He had never thought that he would lose this battle.


Langya’s roar of fury pierced through the air. He knew that if they continued the battle now, it would be disadvantageous for them.

The remaining lords were already wounded, having long lost the desire to continue fighting this battle. They followed Langya’s lead and levitated into the air, as they flew far away to safety.

“Don’t run! Come back down here!”

The players would never let them escape like that. When they caught one of the lords, they flocked toward him to attack him as a group, preventing him from escaping.

Since they were already here, the players were unwilling to leave just like that. These Ghost Kings and Ghost Generals were valuable and they were even heavily wounded. Thus, this was a great farming opportunity.

Faced with the frenzied Player Army, the Lords of the Military Alliance looked especially pathetic. Apart from a few who had enough strength to escape with ease, a great many lords of the Ghost Commander Level were dragged back down by the horde of players, unable to flee.

It was at this moment that something happened, which astonished the players.

The Sea King who was already entering the Lord of Death state in mid-air suddenly began to utilize Death’s Light Wheel to massacre the players.

The Sea King had completely fallen deep into a killing frenzy and was no longer aware of his actions. In his current state, any living thing that entered his field of vision would be his prey.

The Death’s Light Wheel spun rapidly as it weaved in and out of the masses of players, taking a large number of the players’ lives with it.

“Fuck, Sea King… you’re too much!”

“Are you kidding me right now? Is this how you treat someone who saved you?”

“Fuck, the Sea King has gone mad… focus on restraining him first!”

Faced with the Sea King in his killing frenzy, the players naturally would not sit idly and accept their fate. In an instant, countless skills were aimed toward the sky as they tried to knock the Sea King out of the air.

However, the strength of the Sea King far exceeded the players’ capabilities at their current levels. Even though their attacks were great in number, their damage was simply negligible. As time trickled by, more players died and entered the pre-respawn cooldown state.

At this moment, all the players were visibly filled with boiling anger.

After all, this expedition’s aim was to help the Sea King, but his current actions were a disappointing betrayal.

As the battle continued, the Sea King’s body suddenly trembled mid-air and the darkness in his pupils gradually faded. After some time, his body fell from the sky and hit the ground with a loud thud.

Having absorbed the Power of Death into his body, the Sea King had now regained full control over his body.

The Sea King, who had just regained consciousness, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. He struggled to rise to his feet but could barely do so, as his body was heavily injured and he was overly exhausted.


Again, the Sea King spewed a mouthful of fresh blood. Then, he scanned his surroundings, as the vision of him killing the players played through his mind. The horrible image caused his expression to become distorted.

Naturally, he had witnessed the players’ actions just now, but his own actions were undeniably over the line.

However, the Sea King didn’t utter a word as he coldly glared at the players around him, waiting to be sentenced for his unforgivable crimes.

When he went berserk just now, he must have killed at least hundreds of thousands of them. With so many of their race dead, deep in his heart he knew what end was awaiting him.

Noticing that the Sea King had regained consciousness, the players were evidently shocked. They slowly surrounded the Sea King, but were unsure of how to proceed.

“Brothers, the Sea King is back, what should we do?”

“Don’t kill the Sea King! He is a mature boss. If he dies now, it will be our loss! Don’t forget, he still has the Death Clan at his mercy!”

“Then, what should we do? It’s too awkward like this now!”

“We have to let him go. We’ve been rearing him for so long, we can’t mess it up now.”

“Alright, let him go, but how should we do it?”

Looking at the Sea King who was now back to normal, the players began discussing among themselves, wondering how they should deal with the severely injured Sea King.

After coming to a standstill for about ten minutes, the players finally managed to reach a conclusion in the live chat channel.

Then, the Sea King watched in disbelief as a curious scene began to unfold. A player standing near to him suddenly dropped to the ground with a pale countenance, while clutching his left chest. After a thud, he fell down face-forward and became motionless.

“Fuck, there’s a mysterious energy that’s sucking my consciousness away! Ahhh! It’s so painful!” yelled another player who fell to the ground with a pained expression. The player even twitched a little before turning limp.

“My god, it’s such terrifying energy! Is it God?”

“My heart, my heart, it feels like it’s about to explode!”

“Who set me up to this, damn it, I can’t last much longer!”

“I can feel an odd energy slowly entering my body, I’m losing control over my body!”

“What a terrifying energy, I don’t want to die now. Why can’t I see anything…”

“I can feel my life slipping away from me, the grasp of death is a fast bastard, I don’t want to die… aahh!”

The Sea King watched with a dumbfounded expression as the players fell, one by one, to the ground with a frightened look.

This, in turn, made the Sea King nervous as he assumed that there was really something evil lurking in the shadows.

When all the players had collapsed, the Sea King’s wariness was at an all-time high. He furtively glanced around, searching for any hidden assassins.

As he continued to look around, the Sea King very quickly noticed something was amiss. Apart from some who had better acting skills, some of the death performances from the players really puzzled the Sea King.

For example, after one player had finished shouting out his lines and fallen head-first into a dune of sand, it was the turn for another player to fall down. However, when the player’s long sword accidentally poked the first player’s bottom, the Sea King could clearly see the supposedly dead player twitch a little.

Some players were even more dramatic, shouting exaggeratedly before they pretended to die. After that, they awkwardly fell to the ground.

When he heard the drawn-out shrieks, the Sea King felt as though his intelligence was being mocked.

In no time at all, all the players on Kankun Island had died. However, the Sea King remained speechless, he had never seen such terrible acting skills before.

Just now, he even saw a player, who said he was being swallowed by the Demonic God, scratch his bottom after being bitten by one of the poisonous mosquitoes of Kankun Island.

Although he couldn’t understand why the players were acting this way, the Sea King undoubtedly did not wish to die. After his body regained its strength, he grit his teeth and rose to his feet, limping his way to the seaside and finally leaping into the sea.

Then, a streak of white waves appeared on the water surface, which slowly drifted into a distance away.

After the Sea King had left, the players quickly flipped over and sat up.

In an instant, the live chat channel broke into a noisy furor. Everyone was criticizing each other about their subpar acting that was way too embarrassing.

Soon, the scolding transitioned from the chat over into the game. They pulled out their weapons and thus the alliance that was already fraught with friction, descended into utter chaos. The guilds could no longer contain their fury and began to tear into each other.

Sitting behind the scenes, Lu Wu controlled his urge to cover his face as he watched this unfold in embarrassment.

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