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Chapter 312 - A Divine Scripture Within The Body

Chapter 312: A Divine Scripture Within The Body

After the Kankun Island battle, the Sea King finally escaped from danger with the players’ assistance.

Needless to say, the players played a significant role in this battle. Without their help, the Sea King would’ve surely remained trapped in that dangerous situation and eventually would have perished.

After the battle, the Sea King returned to Xinmo Island with complicated emotions.

The previous hatred between them and the gratefulness for their countless kind assistance intertwined confusingly with one another in his mind.

Slowly but surely, his contempt toward the players had begun to dampen, but it had not completely disappeared, yet.

After all, he had sworn to himself that he must seek his revenge.

After the battle had ended, other players began returning to Beiqi as well. Only the guild members, who unleashed a massacre on Kankun Island due to long-standing conflicts, remained there.

As hordes of people from the Player Army sailed across the Kuilong Ocean into the Void Ocean, Tao Wu, who was originally fast asleep, suddenly opened his eyes wide.

He could sense a powerful overlord’s aura wafting into his territory.

Assuming it was the doing of a challenger, Tao Wu raised his head with a murderous glare in his eyes.

Tao Wu knew very well that an overlord challenge would only end with one party’s demise, thus he fully prepared himself mentally for the upcoming battle.

However, he felt that something was out of place.

This aura was very familiar, yet it seemed to be contaminated by something foreign.

When he finally sensed it, Tao Wu’s eyes immediately widened in surprise.

“Little Kun! Ocean Hegemony Contract!”

Tao Wu was momentarily dumbfounded when he finally realized the reason why Little Kun’s aura had altered. It turned out that his aura was tainted with the Underworld Sea God’s aura.

Surely, this meant that Little Kun had challenged another ocean overlord under the witness of the Underworld Sea God.

When he had the epiphany, Tao Wu’s entire body shook with excitement.

He’s finally making me proud!

Little Kun, who was still in a juvenile state, actually had the guts to challenge another ocean overlord.

Even though the news was quite unbelievable, the aura of the Underworld Sea God was definitely unmistakable. Tao Wu clenched his teeth fiercely, trying to suppress the gripping panic in his heart.

A ripple of nervousness ebbed in his heart when he thought about his foolish son.

However, since Little Kun was his son, no matter what, he must not ignore the situation at hand. Hence, he instantly rose to his feet and swam at lightning speed toward the zone Little Kun was in.

That day, Lu Wu was scrolling through the posts in the official web forum.

Suddenly, a black hole materialized next to him, from which a little hand peered out and dragged him into the abyss.

Lu Wu remained calm, despite the abrupt surprise, as it was clearly the power of the artifact. Other than him, only Bei Li could manipulate the power of the artifact.

When his body reappeared in the Artifact Channel, Lu Wu’s attention was stolen by an isolated page floating in mid-air.

The piece of paper was burning fiercely, as the flames crackled madly and singed its edges. Rows of the golden letters were etched upon it, barely visible through the fierce flames. Its golden glimmer was bright and shimmering, seeming unusually dazzling.

The soul power orbs hovering around endlessly rushed into the flames, as though they were fuel to the fire.

“What is this for?”

When Lu Wu saw the soul coin amount dropping rapidly in his depot, he hastily turned his head around toward Bei Li, who was clad in an oversized lab coat.

“This is none other than a genuine torn page from The Emperor’s Note!” Bei Li replied with a smile, as she continued staring at the blazing paper.

“Is there any use for it?”

After a brief glance at the glistening golden letters that were gradually becoming clearer on the burning page, Lu Wu hastily shifted his gaze onto the number of his soul coins that were decreasing at a meteoric speed.

When she heard his question, she narrowed her eyes and said, “Do you still want to cultivate the Dark Emperor Code?”

Lu Wu shook his head furiously in reply. Is she joking? The Dark Emperor Code was an ability that allowed one to strengthen divine consciousness and body through countless transformations. Lu Wu had steered clear of such a risky concept, as he hated transforming the most overall.

He was especially traumatized from that few months when he transformed into a cat, almost leaving him convinced that he was truly feline and no longer human.

Even though the cultivating technique was extremely potent, the process was too convoluted. Lu Wu sincerely felt that his fragile heart would not be able to endure the emotional burden.

“Actually, the Dark Emperor Code is pretty decent. This cultivating technique combined the benefits of various Divine Beasts, hence you can attain all their bloodline strengths if you master the art. This code will allow you to reach the Divine state. But now, I think you have another better option!”

Lu Wu shuddered when he heard her, before looking up at The Emperor’s Note torn page that was set ablaze in the air.


“Yes, this is the path that was used by the emperors. Since the emperors were once the strongest existence in the three worlds, this cultivation path is much more powerful than the Dark Emperor’s Code. It’s perfect for you!” Bei Li nodded with a solemn expression.

“How many soul coins are needed to recover its true, original state?” Lu Wu asked with a pained expression, as he eyed the soul coins amount that had dropped by ten million. In fact, it was still declining speedily with every passing second.

“At this rate, I’m guessing it’ll be about thirty million soul coins,” Bei Li stuck her tongue out naughtily as she replied.

“So expensive!” Lu Wu gaped at the shocking revelation in utter disbelief.

Even though they earn a lot more soul coins now, it was overly exorbitant. If recovering a page required thirty million soul coins, the price for an entire Emperor’s Note would simply be unimaginable.

“Hey, that’s not expensive.. this is an item from the emperor! Resurrecting Cangxu needed fifty million soul coins, but a Ghost Emperor is nothing more than a measly ant compared to the human emperor, perhaps even less! The emperor’s existence is simply incomparable. The Emperor’s Code is a core piece for the Emperor’s cultivation. Thus, even if it’s just a page, its value surely far exceeds thirty million soul coins. We are paying such a cheap price for it, isn’t it a huge bargain?”

Lu Wu’s face twitched a little when he heard her reply. Suddenly, he realized that he was still an impoverished person.

However, Lu Wu didn’t stop it as he stared at the blazing page. After all, the cultivation was for him, so he would still pay the price.

Whatever, I’ll just nab them back from the players in the future!

After some time had passed, the seal imprint on the torn page of The Emperor’s Note had completely incinerated, leaving behind a shining piece of golden paper.

When Bei Li saw it, she extended her hand and beckoned it. Instantly, the torn page came to life and flew toward her hand.

Lu Wu immediately activated his analyzing ability and looked at The Emperor’s Note, wanting to read its data.

[The Emperor’s Note (torn page)]:

Item Details: By using the Law of the Heavens and Earth, it imbues a Hidden God into one’s body.

Item Attributes: Unknown.

When he saw the information from the analysis, Lu Wu was a little flustered as he had never expected such power.

However, Bei Li wore a serious expression on her face.

“The law will enter your body and create a Divine Scripture within you? I finally understood why human emperors were the strongest of all three realms!”

Lu Wu merely remained silent.

Bei Li suddenly turned around to look at Lu Wu.

“Wu, this torn page is not for cultivation, it’s a Divine Scripture. We won the lottery!”

Lu Wu was still in a state of utter confusion, unable to speak.

At this moment, he felt that he was truly ignorant. He did not know how to invent anything or understand anything complex, increasingly feeling like he was an amateur.

Bei Li suddenly let out a sigh when she saw Lu Wu’s perplexed face. Thus, she waved her hands at him, evidently exasperated.

“Forget it, I’ll just imbue it into your body. You’ll understand it then…”

Bei Li walked over and stood behind Lu Wu, then placing the golden page into his palm and taking a step backward.

Suddenly, the artifact’s power was activated. To Lu Wu’s surprise, he found that the golden torn page in his hand actually started to melt gradually, and circled around him like a stream of liquid. After that, it seeped into his skin, drop by drop.

Pain… a wave of excruciating pain suddenly attacked him.

Lu Wu’s body quivered violently in response. He clenched his teeth with all his might, trying to endure the crushing pressure of the artifact’s power weighing down on every inch of his skin.

Even though he could stop the pressure anytime since he was the highest-ranked manipulator of the artifact, he had complete trust in Bei Li. If she truly wanted to harm him, he would have never lived until this day.

After some time had gone by, the stinging pain gradually weakened. When all the golden liquid had diffused into his body, Lu Wu’s eyes turned golden in color.

Lu Wu could feel an enormous power surging within him. His organs seemed to be pushed and pulled about by this overwhelming power, causing him great discomfort.

Soon, one hour… two hours… three hours had passed.

After an unknown amount of time, the crushing pressure of the artifact slowly dissipated. When the wave of power surging within him faded away, Lu Wu gradually opened his eyes.

A ray of golden light abruptly shone from his eyes, giving him a huge shock.

“Look at the state of your body, we truly hit the jackpot!” Bei Li’s celebratory voice echoed from beside.

Lu Wu nodded and used his analyzing ability on himself.

[Lu Wu (Battle Online’s Owner)]:

Gender: Male.

Realm of Ability: Level One Divine Scripture; Intermediate Ghost Commander.

Abilities: Juvenile Suan Ni (Completely mastered), Physical Divine Scripture.

[Juvenile Suan Ni]: With the help of the Dark Emperor’s Code, the player has obtained the ancient beast Suan Ni’s beginner’s level inherited ability and physical strength during its juvenile stage.

[Physical Divine Scripture]: The Emperor’s Note

Cultivating Technique Information: One of the missing pages from the 365 pages of The Emperor’s Note. Every Divine Scripture corresponds to one acupuncture point on the human body. After receiving a Divine Scripture, the player can imbue it to its corresponding acupuncture point to attain an Immortal Sacred Body!

Cultivating Technique Warning: With each addition of Divine Scripture to its acupuncture point, the cultivating technique’s power would multiple successively. After completing all 365 additions, the player can attain a Divine Body!

Activated Acupuncture Point: Divine Scripture Point

Power Imbued: Invincible body and immortal soul. With the enhancement of the Divine Scripture acupuncture point, the flesh and the soul would exist in symbiosis. When the body is damaged, the soul can help heal it. When the soul is extinguished, the body can help recover it.

[Unconceived Acupuncture Point (364 points left)]: Bai Hui, Shen Ting, Qi Hai, Qu Gu, Qi Men, Tai Yuan…

When Lu Wu saw his own attributes, a look of astonishment appeared on his face.

A mere broken page actually increased his power from Fledgling Ghost Commander to Intermediate Ghost Commander. He even mastered a Divine Level ability.

The power of The Emperor’s Note far exceeded Lu Wu’s expectations.

“How powerful!” Lu Wu couldn’t help but gasp in surprise.

“The thirty million soul coins were worth it, right? I told you we hit the jackpot!” Bei Li stood nearby, with her hands on her waist. She was clearly pleased, wearing a proud expression.

Lu Wu nodded furiously when he heard it, obviously on cloud nine.

Lu Wu was completely overwhelmed when he realized the gargantuan enhancement brought by the torn page from The Emperor’s Note.

When he suddenly recalled that the Jie De Corporation had countless other pages in their many underground laboratories, a sinister grin crept onto his face.

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