The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 322 - Stay

Chapter 322 – Stay

After looking at the Hebrei Kingdom, Leo turned his head to the corner of the continent.

This world was full of mystery. Every people knew that there were two continents of this world, which was called Sylphen. But the truth was that there were seven continents.

A lot of people knew about the sub-world but only a handful of people knew about the seven continents of Sylphen.

At the moment, the public only knew about the Giza Continent and God’s Continent. They didn’t know about the Mars Archipelago, Demon’s Land, Vulcan’s Ring Continent, Ruin Desolate Land, and the Frozen Continent.

These five remaining continents of Sylphen were unknown. The creatures inside could bring destruction or not. It’s unknown whether these continents could coexist with the two continents.

Even he, one of the most powerful people in the whole universe, didn’t know the truth of this world. The five continents were protected by a super barrier that covered the whole continent. Even a god-level powerhouse couldn’t break or scratch this huge barrier.

Who would place such a barrier on the five continents? Why would they divide this world?

Such questions always pop up in Leo’s head. The records from ancient times spoke about the seven continents but they didn’t tell anything about the barrier.

Is the barrier related to the Great War twenty thousand years ago?

If the barrier were to be shattered, different civilizations will meet. Those dominant civilizations will collide and war will be the effect of it.

He was sure that like the Giza and God’s continent, the other five have their own system. Maybe, they possessed military might that could match these two continents or maybe above. He was sure about this… They were living in the Great World Sylphen, so it was natural for them to produce some god-level powerhouses.

Oh, right?

The barrier around the Demon’s Land was weakening.

He learned about this information when he visited the barrier last year. When he visited it, the barrier wasn’t as tough as before. Weak people could already enter the Demon’s Land and weak demons could leave the continent.

The barrier would only continue to grow weaker and weaker until it completely broke.

The power balance of this world will become unstable due to these unknown variables.

The demons. It’s a powerful and dominant race. There’s a record in the books that the various races in the world fought the demon race in a large-scale war.

Most of the people didn’t know about the weakened barrier. Even the three great countries didn’t have an idea about it. It will take a month even for a god-level powerhouse to arrived at the edge of the ocean where the barrier lies. Teleportation wouldn’t work thirty kilometers away from the barrier so people don’t have a choice but to fly or swim. The problem was the chaotic environment thirty kilometers away from the barrier.

People below god wouldn’t be having a hard time advancing in the chaotic atmosphere. Extreme heat and cold, sharp winds, heavy water, and crackling lightning were all over the place. Also, gravity would crush anyone in that place.

Leo narrowed his brows as he guessed that there were only a few more months left before the demon discovered the small hole in the barrier. If that happened, there’s no doubt that a war will occur between the Demon’s Land and Giza Continent.

“They will come to our land but before that, I need to know why that goblin knew the soul art,” Leo muttered as he turned his gaze on the ground.

At first, he thought that the goblin was the monster lord’s underling but he saw that goblin was resisting the suppression of the monster lord. It was then that he realized that the goblin was the only monster inside the city, aside from the monster lord.

The goblin was armed with a high-grade weapon and was wearing clothes like a normal demi.

The question was how could that goblin knew soul arts. Soul arts wasn’t a spell, combat arts, nor ability. It was a bloodline technique that only people from the soul tribe could use.

Also, according to the records, the soul tribe wasn’t living in the Giza continent. Instead, they were living in the other continents before they got wiped out by hundreds of god-level powerhouses.

That’s why he wanted to know why? Soul arts were somewhat related to necromancy but it has a huge difference. Necromancy could call the soul from the soul realm and placed it in a dead body but soul arts could strengthen one’s soul and control souls. It could also be used to attack the soul directly.

“This is getting interesting…” Leo grinned as he vanished from his position.

Souta, Lumilia, Lynn, Alice, and Yujin were inside the carriage. They were following the trail that the people who kidnapped Cl.u.s.ter left. They just couldn’t leave Cl.u.s.ter alone even though the Ladros City just suffered a disaster.

Souta looked at them and said, “It will take a few days before we find the headquarters of those people.”

“I thought so. It’s impossible for their base to be close to the Hebrei Kingdom. It’s been a few months since we met Cl.u.s.ter so it took them a lot of time before they found Cl.u.s.ter in Ladros City.” Lumilia said.

“Yeah, if they were close then they could’ve found Cl.u.s.ter in just a month or a week.” Yujin nodded.

Alice who was driving the carriage just glance at them. All she has to do was to follow the trail.

The appearance of the monster lord brought a shock to her. She didn’t think that there was such a powerful creature in this land. Also, the one who fought the monster lord was stunningly powerful too.

‘That monster and that person could probably fight my father to a standstill.’ She thought. Her father was at the top of the food chain in her land. She didn’t think that there were people that could match her father aside from his peers.

Really… they were isolated for a long time but to think that there were so many powerful people in this vast world.

“Alice! Alice!”

Alice snapped out of her thoughts after someone called her name in a loud voice. She turned her head and saw that it was Yujin.

“It’s my shift. You can rest inside.” Yujin said to her.

“Oh? You’re right. I forgot about it.” Alice said as she stopped the carriage and changed with Yujin.

Lumilia was next after Yujin’s shift. After her, was Lynn and then Souta.

Souta looked at Alice and said, “Let’s train.” He paused and swept his eyes at his comrades before he added, “We need to increase our strength even by a small amount before we arrived there. We don’t know how powerful our enemies so we just have to improve our strength.”

“Yes, I could agree with that. After the incident in Ladros City, we learned that strength is one of the most important things in this world.” Lumilia nodded.

“We don’t know when the disaster will attack again…” Lynn said in a low voice.

“Good. Let’s start the training.” Souta smiled as he pulled out the vajra sword.

Saya brought them into her inner consciousness and they started their new training. Saya was the one who was giving Souta the training regime while he passed what he learned from Saya to his comrades. It’s better for them to not know about Saya’s existence. They just know that the inner consciousness was the sword’s ability.

Three days had passed since they left Ladros City. The trail led them to a village called Rensmaw.

Rensmaw was a small village that has a population of over one thousand people. It wasn’t under the jurisdiction of any large country around this area.

This village was situated between the Freid Woods and Sky High Mountain Peaks at the northwest part of the Hebrei Kingdom. Or southwest part of the Melosa country.

The group decided to stay in this village for a night. Also, they had to ask for some information about the people that took Cl.u.s.ter.

The group entered the village and quickly find an inn to leave their things. After checking in the inn, the group quickly went out to gather information around the town while Souta head to the adventurers guild.

Souta glanced around the adventurers guild. The adventurers inside the guild could be counted by his two hands. Too few, but considering that this was a small village he could understand it.

He shook his head as the adventurers looked at him. They saw his face new to this village so they guessed that he came from another village to complete a quest here.

Souta walked towards the receptionist as he ignored the gazes of the adventurers that were sizing him.

“What can I do for you, Sir?” The receptionist asked in a respectful tone.

Souta took out his Adventurer’s ID and pushed it towards the receptionist. He then said, “I want to talk to the guild master. Tell him that I want to talk to him.”

“Oh my…”

The receptionist looked at his ID and was stunned when she saw his adventurer’s rank.


That’s the same level as the guildmaster of this guild.

What? Or why is a high-rank adventurer doing in such a small village?

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