The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 229 - . Best Sister

Chapter 229: 229. Best Sister

Apart from Shi Sui, no one else present noticed that incident.

Xiang Li picked up the ID silently and placed it back inside his notebook.

The netizens who were gossiping and enjoying the show on the livestream platform were extremely excited.

——[Does Dr. Xiang carry a torch for Xiang Yi!?!]

——[The way Dr. Xiang looks at Xiang Yi doesn’t seem romantic but rather, he looks as if he’s gazing at his younger sister.]

——[Speaking of which, I, a fan who ships Shi Sui and Xiang Yi, would like to say something. Today, Shi Sui has been gawking at her nonstop!]

The three masters studied Xiang Yi’s medical history.

“Amnesia is a condition that arises due to trauma caused to the brain, which disrupts the normal integration of consciousness, memory, identity and one’s environment.” Elder Fang frowned and continued, “At present, there is no clear treatment for amnesia, and acupuncture treatment is not very advanced yet.”

Elder Fang added, “But since she can recover, it means that her condition is improving, so pay more attention in the future and let her recuperate slowly.”

With the medical records as evidence, coupled with Elder Fang’s statement, the opinion of the viewers of the livestream changed completely!

——[So it was because of her amnesia!]

——[Ah, it’s been hard on Xiang Yi, she had to take the blame after being wronged.]

——[No wonder her personality changed so drastically. When she was suffering from amnesia previously, she was really obnoxious; but now that she has recovered her memory, she’s quite adorable.]

Many netizens had accepted the fact that Xiang Yi had suffered from amnesia for a year.

However, some people couldn’t accept it.

——[They got so many people involved just to clear Vase Fairy.]

——[She might have suffered from amnesia, but she’s still the same person. That just goes to show that she’s pretending to be gentle all the time, but she actually has a horrible personality.]

——[Tsk, tsk, can a murderer ask to be spared from taking responsibility for his crime by claiming that he had amnesia?]

In the manor.

Xiang Li naturally put his arm around Xiang Yi’s shoulders and thanked Elder Fang and the others, “Thank you so much, Seniors.”

Xiang Yi craned her neck stiffly, looking at him in great disbelief.

He suddenly flicked her forehead and said, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

‘Huh? Why is Brother apologizing to me?’

“My incompetency is the reason that you got misunderstood by others. If… If I had been a little more competent, I wouldn’t have hurt my hand.”

Xiang Yi panicked. “No, it’s because…”

She was suddenly at a loss for words for an explanation.

Xiang Li gave her an out.

“After you got diagnosed with amnesia, you had the mental age of a child. If I hadn’t saved you, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

“You were terribly frightened at that time, so I didn’t take to heart what you said out of panic.”

“I have never regretted going over to save you, it was all out of my rational choice. I hope you won’t blame yourself for it.”

“My hand is not as important as your life.”

He made it sound effortless, as if all that he had suffered in the past year was nothing.

Xiang Yi’s eyes were reddened and filled with tears.

‘Is Second Brother… going to put all the blame on himself?’

The netizens watching the livestream were dumbfounded.

[Seriously? Is Dr. Xiang so rational?]

In the next second…

“Don’t cry,” Xiang Li said helplessly in a gentle tone. Grazing his finger against the corner of her watery eyes, he continued, “Coaxing you is so much harder than solving questions.”

“Others might think that you have many flaws, but to me…”

“You’re the best sister in the world.”

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