The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 1616 - A smile that did not even last for three seconds.

Chapter 1616: A smile that did not even last for three seconds.

“Mr. Ji, I admit that it’s my fault for meeting your wife like this, but it isn’t the only reason I came today.”

Qu Xiujie, who had long made preparations, knew of the couple’s present situation, so he came here openly to look for Pei Ge.


There was a shallow smile in the corner of Ji Ziming’s lips. Back when he was in her room, he already knew that the visitor was Qu Xiujie but did not expect the latter to be so vocal about his intention. Regardless of what Qu Xiujie wanted to say, he was not in the mood to listen after seeing him looking at his woman in that way.

“Whatever you want to say next, I am no longer interested to hear. You’ve already made me unhappy by coming to my house today to seek my wife. Please leave my sight quickly before I get angry.”

He gave this hint but did not bluntly ask Qu Xiujie to get lost.

“Mr. Ji, I think it’s better that you listen to me first. I get that a young man like you can be very aggressive, but there’s no harm listening to it.”

Qu Xiujie smiled, seemingly knowing what he was thinking. He lightly shot a glance at the couple. “Don’t you wanna know the truth of that incident outside the aquarium?”

“That’s already been solved with Huang Zhian admitting to his crimes.”

Ji Ziming had to admit that the traces originating from Huang Zhian had been cleaned up a few days ago. However, he did not wish to let the other know of this.

“You should know that that guy’s just a scapegoat.”

The moment he said that, Pei Ge turned to look at Ji Ziming, her voice mixed with slight anxiousness. “Is what he’s saying true?”

She was suspicious of Huang Zhian’s true motive, for she found out that his bank account only had 500,000 yuan at most. Provided that he spent the money, how come she could not find any huge expenditure on his part?

Ji Ziming did not answer her question; instead, he pulled her hand and stood in front of her while lowering his voice. “Mr. Qu, it seems like you came prepared.”

Since this guy had useful information, he would let him stay.

“Right, I came here not just to look at your wife and say that she looks like the person I know; what actually brought me here is to speak about Huang Zhian’s real motive.”

“What motive did he have?”

He frowned as he had been investigating Huang Zhian for a long time. Even when they did, they could not find any breakthroughs, whereas this guy, who was standing right in front of him, showed a deep smile, which caused him to put up his guard.

“You’ve been with your wife for a long time, so you don’t know that overseas, a social circle led by gay men exists.”

Qu Xiujie revealed this smugly, yet his smile did not last for three seconds.

Ji Ziming’s cold eyes became frostier while he began to exude a chilly aura. “If you want to tell us information we’ve long known, then you’ve approached the wrong people.”

The man thought that this guy actually knew the person behind Huang Zhian, yet the latter was merely beating around the bush as he told him facts he had long known.

Not only was Huang Zhian gay, he even killed someone during his university days.

Since someone turned himself in, he did not go to jail and fled back to China, instead. He led a new life under a new name as if nothing had happened before.

However, the situation did not progress like that.

Haunted by his past, Huang Zhian started to suffer from anxiety disorder and delusion.

The person manipulating him easily did so. He did not need money or power—by simply saying a few words to him, he would do things as told.

At the end of it, Ji Ziming pitied the man. If only he had turned himself in, his end might not have been so miserable.

The boy the guy had accidentally killed was gay as well but someone who had no feelings for him. If not for that, he would not have strangled the boy.

“It seems that you know everything about Huang Zhian.”

There was a hint of pity in Qu Xiujie’s voice, but his eyes still drifted onto Pei Ge. He even had this perception of the woman overlapping with the one in his memory.

How could he describe or confirm his current emotions when the smile in his eyes could not be concealed?

“Does this mean that you don’t have any useful information for me?”

Ji Ziming’s eyes darkened as he looked at this visitor with evident disgust.

“Don’t be anxious. I’m not sure if you know about the existence of that guy’s other phone?”

Qu Xiujie laughed suddenly. Judging from the man’s expression, he knew that he had gotten it right.

The anger between the man’s brows subsided gradually the moment he said that. What on earth did he neglect which let this guy know information he did not?

“If you know, why not talk? I’ll naturally be very grateful to you and satisfy all your requests.”

“I don’t have any request since I’ve already bothered you by looking for your wife today. I’ll tell you a phone number as a form of apology for my impoliteness.”

Upon saying this, Qu Xiujie removed a piece of paper from his pocket and placed it on the table beside him as he smiled. “Doing this is my form of apology, so I hope that you won’t make things difficult for an old man like me.”

“You’ve helped me greatly with this, but I’m more curious on how you got this number and why you came here to tell me this. Although I believe you for saying that my wife looks like someone you know, the more important issue is this paper, right?”

The man’s lips curled. The eleven-digit phone number was something even He Yun did not find.

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