The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 766 - Entering The Mysterious Land

Chapter 766: Entering The Mysterious Land

There was one more spot left to grab. Because of the outbreak from Gu Xingyue, all the five-star Castellans inside the Shenrui Temple had fallen to the ground from the impact, and they were all unable to stand up.

“What a bunch of losers.” Invincible Ta Ba looked at the Castellans who had fallen to the ground with a look of disdain on his face.

“We should wait and see if anyone else will enter the Shenrui Temple,” Man Tianhao said.

But, when the Castellans outside saw the five-star Castellans inside the temple fall, one after another, coupled with the eruption of a strong Force, they were too scared to go in.

This wasn’t completely surprising. Originally, people were fighting for eight spots in the diagram, and the competition was already fierce and dangerous. But now, there was only one section left to take.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Suddenly, the roar of a Demonic Beast sounded. A golden Streamlight came down from Ye Mo’s body and turned into a huge Crystal Demonic Monster. It stood on top of the last section.

“What kind of Demonic Beast is this? How can it have a spirituality? Does it also want to enter the Mysterious Primordial Shenrui Land?”

Everyone was a little frightened at the sudden appearance of Xiao Jing.

“What’s the matter with Xiao Jing?” Ye Mo was also surprised. “Could there be something inside the Mysterious Primordial Shenrui Land that Xiao Jing wants?”

Usually, when Xiao Jing made a move, there was a purpose for it. Otherwise, Xiao Jing didn’t do anything but sleep.

The last time when Ye Mo broke into the Heavenly Demon Land, it was like that. Xiao Jing had evolved from a child to what it looked like now.

“It doesn’t matter. A Demonic Beast it is. Let us go into the Mysterious Land now.”

Xiao Jing took the last remaining section.

Currently, seven people and one Demonic Beast stood on the eight sections of the Eight Formation Diagram. With a buzzing sound, the Eight Formation Diagram began to move.

A strange ray of light slowly spread from a point above the Formation Diagram until it covered all eight figures.

When the light spread over them, Ye Mo felt his body begin to twist. Then, his eyes darkened, and he disappeared on the spot.

The other seven figures disappeared from within the Eight Formation Diagram just like Ye Mo.

In the next moment, seven people and one Demonic Beast appeared in a Mysterious Land, which was more like a huge Palace, around 300 meters tall. The seven people and one Demonic Beast were transported to the middle of the huge Palace.

As soon as they entered the huge Palace, the seven people and one Demonic Beast heard a howling sound. Although the sound was weak, it made the bodies of the seven people shake.

“What’s that noise?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

The noise sounded like someone was knocking on his head. It was like a spell, invading his body little by little. If he didn’t have the Rising Dragon Pillar inside of him to neutralize it, the sound would slowly erode his entire body.

Even if he’d had the Zhu Immortal True Word back then, it would be nothing under this sound.

“It’s the Immortal Music Spell,” Gu Xingyue said faintly. “It’s said that this is the roaring sound from the Soul Will of the Primordial Shenrui. We mustn’t let these sounds invade our body, otherwise, the Immortal Music Spell will be able to follow. The lower the cultivation someone is, the more spells it will accumulate. Then, it will make your body explode and kill you.”

After she spoke, Gu Xingyue didn’t forget to look at Ye Mo. Obviously, this remark was targeted to Ye Mo.

Among the seven people present, the weakest one was Ye Mo, therefore he was the one who was most likely to be hit by this Immortal Music Spell.

“These Immortal Music Spells are easy to handle for me,” Ye Mo said, as he pointed at Huang Wuji to one side. “I think you should worry more about someone else.”

Sure enough, everyone turned their attention towards the six-star Castellan, Huang Wuji. His entire body shook, as if he was experiencing great pain in his bones. With the attacks from the streams of the Immortal Music Spell, the skin on Huang Wuji’s body began to explode as fresh blood flowed out. But he hadn’t yet noticed it.

Huang Wuji seemed to have been caught inside the fantasy world of the Immortal Music Spell. The meridians within his body began to make noises as if they were about to tear apart. It was only at that moment that Huang Wuji realized what was happening. In the end, he couldn’t stand the pain on his body any longer, as he roared.


Man Tianhao quickly arrived next to him, as an extremely powerful Profound Qi poured into the body of Huang Wuji. Only then did Huang Wuji’s body begin to calm down. But he continued to tremble, and only after a long time did he recover his spirit. His eyes were wide with terror. “This sound is so terrifying. It’s a sound that is been transmitted inside the big Palace.”

Although he had just screamed, he stared at Ye Mo. “Ye Mo, you’re fine? How is that possible? Even I wasn’t able to resist the sound eroding my body, yet you’re not scared at all?”

“Resisting the Immortal Music Spell is nothing for me,” Ye Mo said.

Invincible Ta Ba just snorted. “Let’s go look for the three palaces.”

At that moment, the seven experts began to look at the huge palace around them.

There was a huge statue above the massive palace. It was very majestic and was at least 30 meters tall. Even though it was a statue, it made people feel a sense of worship towards it. This was the statue of the Primordial Shenrui.

Under the statue was a huge Magical Formation. A series of black chains ran through the Magical Formation, binding the statue of the Primordial Shenrui.

But the effect of this Magical Formation had long since faded.

Watching this scene made them reminisce about the big battle 10,000 years ago.

“This is the Locking Immortal Demon Formation,” Ling’er said after looking at the big formation. “It’s made up of 999 pieces of Locking Immortal Demon Seals. It requires 999 experts in the peak Cosmos Realm to activate.

“999 experts in the peak of the Cosmos Realm?” Ye Mo couldn’t help but sigh. This Primordial Shenrui was something else. Even though he was dead, the name was still ferocious.

Hai Dalong looked at the huge statue with a burning desire in his eyes. “Legend has it that within this statue lies the body of the Primordial Shenrui himself. But, before he died, he used his Heaven Immortal Power to seal his own body. So no one can even think about doing anything to his body.”

Even after death, the body of the Primordial Shenrui was still a supreme treasure. It made people envious.

“I’ll go test out the statue!” Hai Dalong roared loudly. He waved his robe sleeve, rolled up a Profound Qi Beam and fiercely bombarded the statue.

The attack from the six-star Castellan landed on the statue without a sound. It was like sinking in the ocean, not even a sound was heard.

“What kind of power is this?” Hai Dalong was surprised. “How can it just absorb my attack like that?”

The statue’s eyes emitted black lights. The two black lights hit Hai Dalong’s body, creating a flame. Hai Dalong screamed as his body was reduced to ashes. Even his Xu Mi ring was destroyed.

“He was really looking for death,” Invincible Ta Ba said with a playful smile. “Although the Primordial Shenrui fell, his body still contains a will. Even an expert in the Cosmos Realm wouldn’t dare to do what Hai Dalong did.”

As soon as they entered the Mysterious Land, a six-star Castellan had died. Ye Mo hadn’t expected that to happen.

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