The Rise of Phoenixes

Chapter 1458 - Denied Entry

Chapter 1458: Denied Entry

At this point, Wen Haowen was infuriated.

After much hassle, he finally postponed an important meeting, set his pile of work aside and took some precious time out of his schedule to visit Xia Ruya. Yet, he was denied entry.

He was the CEO of the Wen Corporation at the end of the day and had also raised Xia Ruya for more than a decade. At least, he was her father for more than a decade. He did not expect Xia Ruya to turn her back against him after becoming the successor of the Li Family.

Ning Shuqian was the evilest one. She was just a shameless bitch who bit the hand that fed her.

Ning Shuqian thought that he didn’t know about her presence, but he had actually already heard two nurses talking about her when he arrived at the hospital.

Not only was Ning Shuqian in the hospital, but she also visited Xia Ruya every day after her car accident. It was as if Xia Ruya was her biological daughter.

The thought of Ning Shuqian preventing him from entering the hospital made Wen Haowen feel exasperated.

Previously, Yang Ziyu even reminded him to be careful of Ning Shuqian, lest she create trouble. Although he listened to her, he did not take it too seriously. It seemed Ning Shuqian must have been the one who made Xia Ruya turn him down.

Boiling with fury, Wen Haowen drove to Yang Ziyu’s place.

At this moment, Yang Ziyu was in the midst of having a milk bath. Due to the fact that Xia Ruya had been hospitalized because of the accident, Ning Shuqian did not have the time to bother with Wen Haowen, who was also displeased and suspecting towards her for lying to him. Hence, he had been visiting Yang Ziyu very frequently, giving her the nourishing that she needed.

After hearing a loud thud, Yang Ziyu frantically put on a nightgown and dashed out of the washroom.

Wen Haowen stormed into the room angrily and a lump formed in his throat when he saw the seductive Yang Ziyu dressed in a light gray silk nightgown.

She put it on casually and her skin was still a little moist because she had yet to wipe her body dry. Thus, the nightgown stuck to her skin and accentuated her curves. Gray was an ambiguous color and matched lilac very well. It was opulent, prestigious, ostentatious, beautiful and seductive.

Greatly taken aback to see Wen Haowen, Yang Ziyu asked, “Haowen, what brings you here?”

Wen Haowen ought to be working at the Wen Corporation at this timing.

The mention of it made Wen Haowen fly into a rage. “They’re all a bunch of traitors. What do they take me for? If it weren’t because of the Wen Family, would they be living a luxurious life now?”

Back then, Xia Ruya was just an orphan from the orphanage. Had the Wen Family not brought her home and gave her a life of luxury would she have been able to reunite with the Li Family and enjoy everything that she did today?

On the other hand, Ning Shuqian was just a poor peasant who had a poor and sordid background. However, he did not mind it at all and even allowed her to marry him while bringing along her daughter who had been born out of wedlock. He gave her a life of riches.

The intelligent Yang Ziyu instantly understood what he meant. She strode towards Wen Haowen and snuggled up into his embrace. “CEO Wen, was the visit unsuccessful?”

Wen Haowen barked angrily. “They… didn’t even let me enter. I didn’t even get to enter the hospital, let alone visit Xia Ruya.”

Wen Haowen was extremely prideful and conceited. He thought that everyone had to respect him just because he was the CEO of the Wen Corporation. Yet, Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian utterly embarrassed him this time. How could he not be angry?

Upon hearing his words, Yang Ziyu’s face grew sullen and she exclaimed, “They’re being too much!”

Yang Ziyu actually expected that Wen Haowen would not be able to visit Xia Ruya. The news of Xia Ruya’s car accident was locked and that proved that Xia Ruya did not actually want to reveal the situation about her injury. In that case, why would she be willing to see Wen Haowen?

Wen Haowen saw Xia Ruya as the daughter whom he had raised for more than a decade while Ning Shuqian was his wife. If he were to be denied entry, it would mean that Xia Ruya was turning her back on him while Ning Shuqian was being a traitor by refusing to help him.

She was deliberately trying to come in between Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian.

Yang Ziyu said with a peculiar look in her eyes, “CEO Wen, not only did Ning Shuqian hide the matter about the entertainment city from you, she even secretly gave herself more power in the entertainment city project. She gained the support of the Zhang Corporation and even got on closer terms with Xia Ruya. I refuse to believe that she isn’t ambitious about the Wen Corporation.”

No innocent woman would be willing to be a homewrecker and become the subject of ridicule. Would she continue to ruin someone’s family, despite having everyone else despise her, for the sake of true love?

What a joke!

It was all for materialism and luxury. Without money, there would be no love.

Old hags like Ning Shuqian were the most disgusting!

Despite acting like she had loved Wen Haowen for more than a decade, she was still evil at the end of the day!

Yang Ziyu’s words had hit the nail on the head and Wen Haowen had a sullen expression on his face. “You’re right. Ning Shuqian is not only ambitious, but she also has the means and I can’t let her go on like that.”

Ever since Ning Shuqian left the nursing home and the entertainment city project began, he had lost control and let Ning Shuqian become the dominant one. In the past, he thought that Ning Shuqian was genuine about helping him, but it seemed that she had ill intentions.

Yang Ziyu asked worriedly, “CEO Wen, the entertainment city project is under the Zhang Corporation’s control and you’re no longer in a dominant position. The entertainment city project is going to be completed soon. What do we do?”

Wen Haowen said with a menacing expression, “How can the Wen Family’s business be touched by her? I’ll get someone to keep close tabs on Ning Shuqian before getting control of the entertainment city project again.”

It would be impossible to say that Wen Haowen had strong and genuine feelings for Ning Shuqian. Because they were tied together by interests. Back when there were no interests involved, Ning Shuqian would do her best to suck up to him and treat him gently. Due to the fact that Wen Haowen was restricted by Old Mr. Wen, the two of them were rather loving.

However, after having experienced so much, there was soon a strain on their relationship and they were only bound together by interests. They were rather aloof to each other.

“That woman Ning Shuqian is way too ruthless. CEO Wen… you must be careful!” exclaimed Yang Ziyu, who knew that Wen Haowen no longer just suspected her and was actually displeased. Yang Ziyu had a smug expression on her face.

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