The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 94.3

Chapter 94.3

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (6)

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Zhou Xu was precisely waiting for this sentence. He was a person who experienced hundreds of worlds, how could he not win against a five years old? However, because his body was currently four years old, his brain should also be four years old, so he could only “study” to understand a lot of principles.

The next day at school, after greeting teacher Xiao Juan, Ye Shaoyun asked her, “Is Xiao Xu doing well at school?”

Zhang Sujuan originally also wanted to talk to Ye Shaoyun, so she said, “Xiao Ye, let’s find a place to talk after school this afternoon, I also want to talk to you about Xiao Xu.”

“Okay, how about the cafe across from your kindergarten, Xiao Xu likes the cones there. ”


Ye Shaoyun was just about to leave when he turned around and met Ru Yu, who had just gotten off the car, and behind Ru Yu was his little follower, Yang Lizheng.

Originally, Ye Shaoyun led Ru Yu back home, so Ru Yu was his responsibility. But now, Ye Shaoyun thought again, Ru Yu had become someone else’s child, and someone else’s child absolutely could not bully Xiao Xu.

So Ye Shaoyun said to Ru Yu, who had just entered school, “Ru Yu, you can’t hit people in the future.”

The tone was still gentle, but after all, the content was serious, so Ru Yu also froze. Yang Lizheng, who was next to Ru Yu, immediately puffed his chest, stood in front of Ru Yu, and said loudly, “Ru Yu is my brother, if you dare to bully him, I will beat you.”

Ye Shaoyun laughed before replying, “Little Zheng is a good child, but neither you nor big brother Ru Yu can bully others first, do you understand?”

“Of course, I never bullied anyone.” Yang Li Zheng looked like a little fighting chick, afraid that others would touch a finger of his Ru Yu.

Ru Yu felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He liked Ye Shaoyun a lot all along. On that cold morning, that warm breakfast became his warm memory. He wanted to follow Ye Shaoyun, not separating, however, in reality, he has already been thrown out by Ye Shaoyun.

His gaze changed in an instant, he glared at Ye Shaoyun and said, “Even if I bullied him, it was because he was too weak.”

After talking, Ru Yu turned around to leave. Yang Lizheng also followed Ru Yu out. The remaining Ye Shaoyun and Teacher Xiao Juan looked at each other face to face.

In the end, Ye Shaoyun could only be embarrassed and go to school. But when going to school, he couldn’t help but always think about Zhou Xu, afraid that he was going to be beaten by Ru Yu again.

And on that day, Zhou Xu really was beaten again. However, the result of being beaten was that the person who beat him was on his knees on the floor.

In reality, the person who beat Zhou Xu that day was not Ru Yu but Yang Lizheng. However the person who picked the fight was Ru Yu.

There will be playtime in kindergarten, only free playtime, and teachers may not pay attention because normally there were always two teachers in a class.

This time it was Zhou Xu who wanted to eat the cookies brought by Ye Shaoyun again, but they were slapped away by Ru Yu. He glared at Zhou Xu without saying anything, but he looked unusually angry.

Yang Lizheng followed Ru Yu there. He glanced once at Ru Yu and knew that he was angry. So he also followed his example and became angry. He pushed Zhou Xu on the floo, and looked at the fallen Zhou Xu out of the corner of his eye as soon as he pushed him down and said, “If you dare to bully Ru Yu again, I’ll break your dog’s legs, huh?”

In Zhou Xu’s eyes, small children, saying harsh words, but with voices without any momentum, was but all a joke. But even if it was a joke, a joke was a joke, but he made Zhou Xu hurt, so he would not be forgiven.

He glanced slightly at the camera position. Zhou Xu stood up, his eyes teary, his fist clenched, his gaze angry and said, “Hitting people is not right!”

Yang Li Zheng puffed up his chest and continued, “I just hit you, if you have the ability, hit me too, idiot.”

Zhou Xu only lowered his head this time, and then looked up again as he replied, “I will.”

After saying that, his little hand slapped Yang Lizheng’s little face.

Unlike Yang Lizheng’s push, Zhou Xu’s slap would definitely be more painful.

Since small, Yang Lizheng grew up as the young master of his family. He had never suffered such a loss, so he grabbed the small stool next to him and was about to smash it on Zhou Xu, who turned his body and went behind Yang Lizheng.

Yang Lizheng did not know Zhou Xu’s preparation. In his eyes, Zhou Xu disappeared in just a blink of an eye, while a sharp pain came from his wrist.

His wrist was clutched by Zhou Xu, who had come around behind him, and Zhou Xu clutched it in a very tricky way that would not hurt the bones, but would cause great pain.

The stool was thrown to the ground by Yang Lizheng, who clutched his hands and cried out, while Zhou Xu turned his head to look at Ruyu behind him, and the gaze of gloom in that gaze immediately scared Ru Yu for a moment.

Zhou Xu stared at Ru Yu unwaveringly and said, “Next time if you come to pick on me again, I will beat you together.”

Ru Yu ran to find the teacher, and when she did, Ru Yu said that Zhou Xu had hit him first.

Teacher Xiao Juan didn’t completely trust Ru Yu. However, she also could not go away, she could only hold Yang Lizheng and look if he was hurt. She then said a few words to Zhou Xu.

Zhou Xu continued to not utter a word. Only after both teachers finished giving him a lesson, he timidly said, “It wasn’t me who hit him first, he was the first to push me.”

When he said so, teacher Xiao Juan almost believed him on the spot, because she originally appreciated Zhou Xu and the other teacher was also a little biased towards Zhou Xu, since Yang Lizheng always had a history of bullying other children.

In fact, Zhou Xu’s body was also a child’s, and his strength was not much, so the fight between children was also crying after hurting.

When teacher Xiao Juan finally coaxed Yang Lizheng, Zhou Xu followed her timidly and said, “Teacher, I’m right, my uncle told me that I can’t let people bully me, otherwise, others will keep bullying me. It was Xiao Zheng who bullied me, and he was going to hit me with a stool, I snatched it down, I didn’t bully him.”

Teacher Xiao Juan nodded. She squatted down and warmly said, “Xiao Xu, teacher believes you.”

Zhou Xu said with red eyes, “Thank you, teacher Xiao Juan.”

This day after school, Zhang Sujuan found the video of the last few days, and did find that everything was caused by Ru Yu, so he copied a few of them and showed them to Ye Shaoyun.

Originally, he still felt a little sorry for Ru Yu, however this time he really understood that picking Ru Yu was wrong. He was also glad that he sent Ru Yu away.

After thanking Zhang Sujuan, Ye Shaoyun also bowed to her.

Zhang Sujuan also understood from this bow that her feelings would never be returned, because Ye Shaoyun only considered her as a teacher, a person he has to show gratitude.

However, she knew from the beginning that this relationship would not be fruitful, but when she really felt it, she still felt a loss.

A loss was a loss. She could only secretly keep putting aside her feelings which ended before they began in the bottom of her heart.

On that evening, Ye Shaoyun carried Zhou Xu on his lap and apologized to him very seriously. He then asked him if he agreed to transfer school.

Zhou Xu thought before answering, “Uncle, I like teacher Xiao Juan and don’t want to transfer school.”

Ye Shaoyun continued to ask, “however, Ru Yu and Xiao Zheng will continue to bully you. What will you do?”

“I won’t let them bully me. Today, they hit me, I hit them back. Besides, Xin Ya, and Zi Xuan liked me a lot, and I also like them, so I don’t want to abandon teacher Xiao Juan and other friends because of Ru Yu and Xiao Zheng.”

Zhou Xu’s chubby face looked very serious. Ye Shaoyun couldn’t resist rubbing his face and answered a smile, “Little adult.”

Zhou Xu climbed on Ye Shaoyun’s thighs, and then stood up. He held Ye Shaoyun’s face and kissed it for half a day. Anyway, now he was just a child, even if he was a little sticky, it was nothing, so he kissed recklessly, and Ye Shaoyun just thought this was Zhou Xu’s way of expressing intimacy.

Zhou Xu kissed and kissed then he suddenly wanted to be evil, he kissed Ye Shaoyun’s mouth and deliberately put his small tender tongue inside.

Ye Shaoyun was shocked, he instantly pushed Zhou Xu away gently, and asked very seriously, “Little Xu, did you also kiss others like this?”

Zhou Xu shook his head, his big sparkling black eyes looked puzzled but he was laughing in his heart. This time, he should have scared Ye Shaoyun quite a bit.

Ye Shaoyun said with a long breath, “Xiao Xu, listen carefully, when kissing, you can only kiss the cheek, not the mouth and even more not stick out the tongue when kissing, did you hear me?”

Zhou Xu’s big sparkling black eyes turned several times before he nodded in confusion. After nodding, suddenly he shook his head again and asked, “But I like you very much, I want to kiss your mouth. Is it also not allowed?”

Ye Shaoyun shook his head and said, “You can’t.”

“If I don’t stick out my tongue, is that also not allowed either?”

Zhou Xu’s soft and tender face looked all expectant, as if Ye Shaoyun’s refusal to him was a heavenly sin. In the end, Ye Shaoyun was still defeated by little Zhou Xu’s gaze.

“You can kiss uncle’s mouth, but no one else’s. And you absolutely, absolutely can’t stick out your tongue, did you hear me?”

“En, I heard.”

At night, Zhou Xu still slept with Ye Shaoyun, and fell asleep. He went into Ye Shaoyun’s arms, Ye Shaoyun just looked at him and then went back to sleep.

Zhou Xu knew, sleeping once was because he cheated, twice was because Ye Shaoyun was helpless, after the third and fourth times, it became a habit. Both of them were used to it.

And Zhou Xu was looking forward to the day when he could grow up a bit, and then he could tease Ye Shaoyun everytime he had nothing to do.

Zhou Xu thought like that, but what he didn’t expect was that Ye Shaoyun had a dream that night. Although it had nothing to do with Zhou Xu, it was purely because of Ye Shaoyun’s own physiological reasons, Zhou Xu was still happy to see his embarrassed expression in the morning.

Pretending not to understand anything, Zhou Xu stared at Ye Shaoyun with big eyes and asked, “Uncle, why are you so big and still wetting the bed at night?”

Ye Shaoyun blushed, not knowing how to answer for a moment, he could only say stiffly, “Ahem, little Xu, uncle is not bed-wetting.”

“Then what is it?”

“Uh ……” Ye Shaoyun erred for half a day but didn’t come out with anything, and finally righteously continued, “Forget it, just think of me as bedwetting. Xiao Xu, get up, uncle wants to wash the bed sheets.”

“I’m going to tell my little buddy that gets scolded every time he wet the bed at night, and I’m going to tell him that adults actually wet the bed too, so he won’t be sad.”

“You can’t say!”


“Because… because…”

Ye Shaoyun couldn’t think of any reasons, and finally he gave up and threw up his hands in surrender. He picked up Zhou Xu and fiercely kissed him, coaxing him: “Xiao Xu, good, don’t say any words and uncle will let you sleep with me today too.”

“No, I want us to sleep together forever! Forever!”

T/N : Who also find it kind of cringe that a child is trying to seduce his adult cousin?

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