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Chapter 937 - Volume 9 – Chapter 156: The Police Who Murders (Part 2)

Chapter 937 Volume 9 – Chapter 156: The Police Who Murders (Part 2)

Did he see me?

Trevor’s consciousness was shocked. Before he even had time to think about it, he saw Wang Yuechuan sneer with disdain! Then, Wang Yuechuan’s arm reached out quickly, picked up the black crystal placed on the ground, and then slammed it towards the ground!


Professor Trevor’s consciousness screamed agonizingly, watching the black crystal shattered under Wang Yuechuan’s effort!

When the black crystal shattered, Trevor’s consciousness felt like suffering from dismemberment! A suction force directly sucked away his consciousness!

But in the blink of an eye, Professor Trevor lost his freedom from the shackles of his body and returned to the quagmire again – the old and weak of him. It was like a run-down prison!


When he opened his eyes, the angle of view had returned to the normal vision of a human body! Professor Trevor was pale at this time and had a tingling headache. He knew that this resulted from an unsuccessful use of the secret technique and was backlashed by the secret technique! For Wang Yuechuan at this time, he was not even as threatening as a kid with a crowbar!

Looking at Wang Yuechuan’s condescending indifferent eyes, Professor Trevor knew that he had failed completely, but he was not reconciled that all this happened so quickly!

It was so close to success!

“How do you know?” Professor Trevor was like a fleeting candle fire in the wind at this moment. His vitality suffered a lot due to this event.

Seeing Professor Trevor’s unwilling gaze, Wang Yuechuan shook his head. He didn’t say anything but bent down and reached out to touch the button on the shoulder of Professor Trevor’s coat.

Under Professor Trevor’s inexplicable gaze, Wang Yuechuan tore off the button on his shoulder and then squeezed it open.

“Eavesdropper.” Professor Trevor saw clearly what was in the cracked button. His expression was a little relieved but also a bit bitter.

This guy is in control of my whereabouts all the while.

“Professor, have you forgotten what my job is?” Wang Yuechuan said indifferently, “We share “Book of the Dead.” Do you think I didn’t limit your freedom because of your capability in translating this book?”

“What do you want?” Professor Trevor’s face was ashen. At this moment, he only hoped to negotiate with Wang Yuechuan.

After all, only he could interpret “Book of the Dead.” He was betting that Wang Yuechuan dared not kill him.

“Book of the Dead” involves too many people. Ordinary people should not possess this kind of power.” Wang Yuechuan’s eyes were cold, “Once this kind of extraordinary power is acquired by humans, it will translate to more crimes, just like Cao Yu back then. Professor Trevor, I originally had some reservations about you. I’ve been waiting for you to plot against me. Unfortunately, you still can’t restrain your greed in the end. This happens to you as a professor who studied till higher education, let alone those who have suffered injustices in society. I can’t let this power leak and endanger this society and this country. So I’m sorry.”

“You are going to kill me!” Professor Trevor’s voice shrieked in fear.

Wang Yuechuan said calmly, “I’m removing the danger factors.”

Trevor hurriedly said, “Only I can interpret “Book of the Dead!” If you kill me, you won’t get to know its real secret!”

Wang Yuechuan shook his head, “It doesn’t matter. I have personally verified the authenticity of “Book of the Dead.” There will be more talents to interpret “Book of the Dead” in the future. Never underestimate our country’s elites. What you can do, we can do the same.”

Professor Trevor was taken aback. Hearing Wang Yuechuan’s tone, he suddenly laughed, “I didn’t expect you to be so loyal to the country. Hahaha! Stupid! Idiot! What can the country give you!? You idiot!”

“It didn’t give me anything.” Wang Yuechuan stretched out his hand and grabbed Professor Trevor’s head, twisted it vigorously. Professor Trevor’s neck was twisted under a *crack.*

Wang Yuechuan said faintly, “This country has raised me. That’s enough.”

Professor Trevor’s eyes widened after his death with hints of resentment and hatred. Wang Yuechuan shook his head, put down the dead body of Professor Trevor, then frowned, thinking about how to deal with Professor Trevor’s death.

However, the veteran police officer who was guarding the morgue outside was hypnotized. He would destroy the surveillance video after he left. With that, everything was dealt with in perfection.

As a master of criminal investigation, Wang Yuechuan dealt with the evidence instinctually.

Since I came up with the idea, I should do it fast. Any delays will create more variables. Wang Yuechuan quickly packed everything, erased the traces of the ceremony carved on the ground, and finally lifted Professor Trevor’s body and walked toward the morgue’s door.

But when he put his hand on the door handle, he was stunned. The door is locked!

How could it be locked!

Wang Yuechuan twisted the door handle very hard subconsciously!

“Don’t waste your effort. I locked it! You can’t get out!”

At the same time, a trembling voice came from outside the door to Wang Yuechuan’s ears. It was the voice of the old policeman who should have been hypnotized!

“Wang Yuechuan! I saw you kill someone! You can’t escape! Turn yourself in!”

The old policeman said nervously at this time!

Wang Yuechuan took a deep breath at this time and only felt cold all over. Firstly, the temperature in this morgue was already relatively low. Next, he felt a sense of crisis!

This old police is hypnotized. This kind of hypnosis shouldn’t be resolved on its own! How did he wake up?

There was no doubt that he would be charged with murder under the conclusive evidence if he couldn’t get out. Worse still, this was Ma Houde’s home ground.

In short, this was the worst situation!

Wang Yuechuan’s mind ran rampant, thinking quickly about the countermeasures.

Outside the morgue door, the old police stared at the door nervously at this time. Although it was locked, he still felt unsafe, so he brought in a table or something and blocked the door.

Unexpectedly, when I’m about to retire, I catch a murderer!

I haven’t been achieving anything in my life. Am I going to retire in fame? The old police officer was thrilled. He couldn’t tell whether he was afraid, nervous, or excited.

He naturally didn’t notice a phantom was looking at this scene interestingly behind him.

There came the cynical laughter inaudible to his ear: Hehehe

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